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to acquire a liking for sth.to acquire a taste for sth.to acquire an interest in
to acquire customersto acquire gratuitouslyto acquire ownership of
to acquire possessionto acquire propertyto acquit (of)
to acquit oneself wellto actto act
to actto actto act as
to act as a modelto act as a spotterto act as guarantor for sth.
to act as guardian forto act as if nothing had happeto act bona fide
to act contrary to sth.-so.to act forto act for whom it may concern
to act in concertto act in good faithto act in place of
to act in self-defenceto act in the heat of the mometo act jointly
to act like a gentlemanto act like vandalsto act on conviction
to act on sth.to act onto act out
to act the giddy goatto act the goatto act the innocent
to act through primary agentsto act upto act with dispatch
to act with firmnessto act with self-assuranceto act
to actto activateto activate
to activateto activate a fileto activate a macro
to actualizeto actuateto actuate
to ad-libto adaptto adapt
to adapt (for)to adapt (to)to adapt at the building site
to adapt oneselfto adapt sth. from sth.to add
to addto addto add
to addto add (to)to add (to)
to add dropwiseto add fuel to the fireto add new jobs
to add onto add rennetto add some seasoning
to add unaccrued interestto add upto add up (to)
to add up figuresto addto add
to addleto address (to)to address oneself to sb.
to address sb. (as)to address sb. by his-her titlto address sth.
to address sth. directlyto address the chairto address the issue of
to address verses toto adduceto adept
to adhereto adhere (to)to adhere to
to adhere to deadlinesto adhere to the budgetto adhere
to adjointo adjoin each otherto adjourn
to adjournto adjourn a hearingto adjourn for further thought
to adjourn indefinitelyto adjudgeto adjudge
to adjudgeto adjudicateto adjure
to adjustto adjustto adjust
to adjustto adjust a damageto adjust prices
to adjustto administerto administer
to administer justiceto administerto administer
to admireto admire sth. secretlyto admit (into)
to admit a claimto admit a mistaketo admit defeat
to admit guiltto admit of no delayto admit sth. to sb.
to admit toto admit toto admix
to admonishto adoptto adopt
to adoptto adopt a lawto adopt a rule
to adopt a soft line (approachto adopt a strident toneto adopt as German
to adopt outto adopt sth. wholesaleto adore
to adoreto adornto adorn oneself
to adsorbto adulateto adulterate
to adulterateto adumbrateto adumbrate
to advanceto advanceto advance
to advanceto advance (a theory)to advance money
to advance stronglyto advance to the next roundto advance-bring forth an arti
to advantage the richto advantageto advert
to advertiseto advertiseto advertise
to advertise a vacancyto advertise forto advertise for bids
to adviseto adviseto advise on
to adviseto adviseto advocate
to advocateto advocateto aerate
to aerateto aerateto aestivate
to aestivateto affectto affect
to affectto affectto affect
to affectto affectto affiliate
to affiliate (to)to affiliate (with, to)to affiliate (with
to affiliate (withto affirm
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