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to affirmto affirmto affirm
to affixto afflictto afflict
to affordto affordto afforest
to affreightto affrightto affront
to affrontto ageto age
to ageto ageto agglomerate
to agglomerateto agglomerateto agglutinate
to aggrandizeto aggravateto aggravate
to aggravateto aggravateto aggregate
to aggregateto aggregateto aggress
to aggrieveto agitateto agitate
to agitateto agonizeto agree
to agree (on)to agree (toto agree (to
to agree (withto agree a matter (price, planto agree by contract
to agree in principleto agree on a timeto agree on sth.
to agree onto agree to do sth.to agree upon
to agree with a diagnosisto agree with sb.to aid
to ailto ailto ail
to aimto aim (at)to aim at sth.
to aim at sth.to aim atto aim at
to aim atto aim atto aim high
to airto air dryto airdrop
to airliftto alarmto alarm
to alertto alert (to)to algorithmize
to alienateto alienateto alienate
to alienate oneself from sth.to alightto alight
to alight (from ship)to alight from a vehicleto align
to alignto alignto align
to align laterallyto align oneself toto align oneself with sth.
to align tax ratesto align withto alkylate
to all appearancesto allayto allay
to allayto allay (fears)to allege
to allege criminal negligenceto allege that ...to allegorize
to alleviateto alleviateto allocate
to allocateto allocate (to)to allocate a sample
to allocate overhead expenseto allotto allot
to allot sharesto allowto allow
to allow a claimto allow an option to lapseto allow for
to allow full bentto allow ofto allow oneself to be told st
to allow sb. to go on believinto allow to lapseto allow to mature
to allowanceto alloyto allude
to allude (to)to allureto allure
to allyto ally (toto ally oneself with
to alphabetizeto alter (to)to alter a document
to alter the bookingto alterto altercate
to alternateto alternateto alumetize
to amalgamateto amalgamateto amass
to amassto amassto amaze
to amazeto ambleto amble
to ambulateto ambuscadeto ambush
to ameliorateto amendto amend
to amend the contractto Americanizeto amnesty
to amortizeto amortizeto amortize
to amountto amount toto amount to sth.
to amplifyto amplifyto amputate
to amuseto amuse oneselfto amuse oneself with sth.
to amuse oneselfto anaesthetiseto analyze
to anathematizeto anatomizeto anchor
to anchorto and fromto anger
to anguishto animadvertto animate
to animateto annealto anneal
to annealto annexto annex
to annihilateto annihilateto annihilate
to annotateto annotateto annotate
to announceto announceto announce (officially)
to announce by posterto announce oneselfto announce over the radio
to annoyto annoy sb.
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