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to annulto annulto annul
to annunciateto anodizeto anoint
to anointto another placeto answer
to answer (a prayerto answer backto answer in the affirmative
to answer in the negativeto answer the bellto answer the door
to answer the phoneto answer the purposesto antagonize
to antagonizeto ante up (amount of money)to ante up 100 dollars
to antecedeto anthropomorphizeto anticipate
to anticipateto anticipateto anticipate
to anticipateto anticipateto anticipate demand
to anticipate disasterto anticipate sth.to antiquate
to apeto apologize to sb. (for sth.)to apostatize
to apostrophizeto apostrophizeto appal
to apparelto appealto appeal (against)
to appeal (against) (to)to appeal (to)to appeal (to)
to appeal (to)to appeal to sb. (for)to appear
to appearto appearto appear as a witness
to appear in outlinesto appear respectableto appear strange
to appearto appeaseto appease
to appeaseto appeaseto append (to)
to appertainto applaudto applaud
to appliqueto applyto apply (for)
to apply (to)to apply (to)to apply (to)
to apply (to)to apply a dressingto apply a rule
to apply a zero rateto apply double standardsto apply for (to sb.)
to apply for a jobto apply for bankruptcy proceeto apply for leave
to apply oneself toto apply pressure toto apply sth. by analogy
to apply the brakesto apply the emergency braketo apply
to applyto appointto appoint
to appointto appointto appoint a guardian
to appoint sb. judgeto appraiseto appreciate
to appreciateto appreciateto appreciate
to appreciate a currencyto appreciate sth.to apprehend
to apprehendto apprehendto apprentice (to)
to appriseto approachto approach
to approachto approachto approach
to approach (forto approach a girlto approach a task
to approach sb.to approachto appropriate
to appropriate (for)to appropriate reservesto approve an application
to approve sth.to approximateto arbitrate
to arbitrateto archto arch up
to archiveto argueto argue
to argueto argueto argue (with
to argue (withto argue conclusively (correctto argue so. out of sth.
to argue sth. awayto argue the converseto argue with sb. about (over)
to argueto ariseto arise
to ariseto ariseto arise
to arm (a bomb)to arm (with)to armour plate
to arouseto arraignto arraign
to arraignto arrangeto arrange
to arrangeto arrange (by)to arrange a deadline
to arrange a demonstrationto arrange a loanto arrange a meeting
to arrange a timeto arrange alphabeticallyto arrange for sth.
to arrange the conditionsto arrange the shaft bearingsto arrange to meet sb.
to arrange with sb. (about)to arrangeto arrange
to arrayto arrayto arrest
to arrestto arrest attentionto arrest bleeding
to arriveto arrive atto arrive at a decision
to arrive in dribs and drabsto arrive out of the blueto arrive
to arriveto arrogateto articulate
to articulateto ascendto ascertain
to ascertainto ascertain position by dead to ascribe
to ask (for)to ask a favourto ask back
to ask forto ask for a vote of confidencto ask for an injunction
to ask for permissionto ask for permission to speakto ask for sth.
to ask pardon forto ask permission of so.to ask sb. for sth.
to ask sb. to payto ask the time
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