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to back away (from)to back away (from)to back down
to back offto back offto back off (from)
to back off from dangerto back out (of)to back out of
to back out of sth.to back out of the nuclear eneto back post
to back the wrong horseto back tiles with a layer of to back up
to backto backto back-space
to backbiteto backcombto backdate
to backfillto backfireto backfire
to backoutto backpedalto backslide
to backtrackto backtrackto backup
to bad-mouthto bad-mouth the refereeto badger
to badmouthto baffleto baffle (sound)
to baffle sb.to bagto bail
to bail (for)to bail on sth.to bail out
to bail out a boatto bail outto bail sb. out
to bailto baitto bake
to baketo baketo bake (right) through
to bake long enoughto bake outto bake
to balanceto balanceto balance
to balance outto balance outto balance the wheels
to balanceto balanceto bale
to balkto balk (at)to balk (at)
to balkanizeto ballto ballast
to balloonto balloonto balloon
to bamboozleto bamboozleto bamboozle
to banto ban from flyingto ban sb. from a profession
to bandto band togetherto bandage
to bandyto bandyto bandy (the ball)
to bangto bangto bang on the door
to bang togetherto bang your head against a brto banish
to bankto bankto bank
to bankto bank onto bank up
to bank upto bankto bankroll
to bankruptto banterto bar
to bar sb. from a competitionto barbarizeto barbecue
to bareto bargain awayto bargain for
to bargeto bargeto barge in
to barge in (on)to barge in (on)to bark
to bark atto bark up the wrong treeto barley-narrowly escape sth.
to barnstormto barrelto barrel
to barricadeto barterto barter away
to barterto base (on)to base oneself on
to bashto bashto bash sb. up
to basifyto bask in sth.to bastardize
to basteto basteto baste a roast
to batto batchto bate
to bateto bateto bate
to bathto batheto bathe
to bathe nudeto battento batten
to batten (on)to batten ontoto batter
to batterto batterto battle
to battleto bawlto bawl out
to bawl sb. outto bayto bayonet
to be (far) ahead of sb.to be (left) strandedto be (on a) level with
to be (on a) level withto be 5 mm too longto be a (bit of a) handful
to be a 110-200 percenterto be a babe in the woods (wheto be a bar to sth.
to be a bird brainto be a black market operatorto be a blaze
to be a blockheadto be a burden to sb.to be a candidate for
to be a chickento be a crowd-pleaserto be a dead-ringer
to be a disgraced (to)to be a fair-weather friend-pato be a female preserve
to be a global player (instituto be a global player (phenometo be a good influence
to be a good team playerto be a haven-centreto be a horrific sight
to be a humdingerto be a livewireto be a long shot
to be a member at the barto be a member of the nobilityto be a member of the party
to be a missionaryto be a moneymaker (for a projto be a mouthful
to be a no-showto be a notch aboveto be a nuisance to sb.
to be a passing acquaintance (to be a pervert
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