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to be a Pollyannato be a portent ofto be a prelude (to)
to be a racistto be a real cutieto be a real vision
to be a reproach to sb.to be a selloutto be a slave of
to be a slogto be a smart-assto be a smooth talker
to be a sound sleeperto be a sporty dresserto be a stunner
to be a successto be a swindlerto be a thing of the past
to be a trial to sb.to be a tribute to sb.to be ablaze
to be ablazeto be ablaze with lightto be able
to be able toto be able to cope with a heavto be able to cope with sth.
to be able to dealto be able to go outto be able to look after onese
to be able to see the full extto be about to do sth.to be about
to be above reproachto be above such thingsto be above the clouds
to be absentto be absolutely determinedto be accepted as legally bind
to be achievedto be acquainted withto be active in politics
to be active in public healthto be adamant that ...to be added
to be added to clear soupsto be addicted (to)to be addicted to alcohol
to be addicted to drugsto be addicted to smokingto be addictive
to be adequateto be adequateto be adequate to the task
to be admitted to the barto be adriftto be advancing
to be advancingto be afflicted withto be afflicted with a disease
to be afraid ofto be afraid of sth.to be afraid
to be after sth.-sb.to be against sth.to be aglitter with lights
to be ahead of sb.to be air-sickto be ajar
to be alert to sth.to be alightto be alive
to be alive with (midges)to be all by oneselfto be all churned up inside
to be all in a flusterto be all in a sweatto be all knocked out
to be all setto be allusiveto be alone in the world
to be always interferingto be amazedto be amenable to the law
to be an achieverto be an anathema to sb.to be an everyday occurrence
to be an expert on the subjectto be an extrovertto be an island-oasis of tranq
to be an outrage against decento be an outrage against good to be an outrage upon dignity
to be angryto be angry at sth.to be angry with sb.
to be angry withto be announced -TBA-to be annoyed
to be annoyed at sb.to be annoyed with sth.to be anticyclical
to be antipathetic to sb.to be antipathetic to sb.to be antipathetic to sth.
to be anxiousto be anxious about so.to be anxious for sth.
to be anxious to do sthto be anxious to do sth.-that to be appalled (at sth.
to be apparentto be apparentto be appreciative of sth.
to be apprehensiveto be apprehensive of sth.to be arrived
to be as bright as a buttonto be as fresh as a daisyto be as mad as a hatter
to be as safe as housesto be as thick as thievesto be ashamed (of
to be ashamed of sth.to be asked to present oneselfto be asleep
to be assailed with doubtsto be assassinatedto be associated with sb.
to be associated with sth.to be associated with sth.to be astonished
to be at a crossroadsto be at a disadvantageto be at a loose end
to be at a loss forto be at a loss for an answerto be at full stretch
to be at full stretchto be at largeto be at loggerheads (with sb.
to be at loggerheads with so.to be at restto be at rock-bottom
to be at schoolto be at staketo be at table
to be at the bottom of the tabto be at the helmto be at variance with sb. (ab
to be at warto be at workto be at-on the receiving end
to be atto be attached toto be attached to
to be attached to so.to be attackedto be attentive
to be attuned to one anotherto be authorizedto be authorized
to be availableto be available on callto be avenged for sth.
to be averse from doing sth.to be averse to (from) sth.to be awake
to be aware of sth.to be away for a whileto be away on a job
to be away on businessto be away on travelto be away
to be awed by sth.to be awestruckto be axial to each other
to be backto be back on formto be back on track
to be back to square oneto be backed up by sb.to be badly designed
to be badly offto be badly receivedto be bald
to be ballastedto be bannedto be baptized
to be barred by the statute ofto be based onto be based on consensus
to be based on suppositionto be bathed in sweatto be because of sb.-sth.
to be behind itto be behind sb.to be behind schedule
to be behind the houseto be behind the target
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