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to be below the detection limito be beneficial to sth.-sb.to be bent on doing sth.
to be bent onto be beside oneselfto be beside oneself with joy
to be beyond repairto be biasedto be big-boned
to be blessed withto be blown awayto be bonkers
to be booked for speedingto be booked upto be booked up
to be bookedto be born by Caesarean (Cesarto be born in Berlin
to be born with a caulto be borne by ...to be bosom friends
to be bound by an offerto be bound forto be bound to professional se
to be bowled overto be briefto be brim-full of energy
to be brimming (over) with conto be brimming with sth.to be brimming with tears
to be broketo be brokento be broken off
to be broken on the wheelto be brought on lineto be bubbling over with ideas
to be buddy buddy with sb.to be buggeredto be built by subscription
to be bullishto be burnt at the staketo be bust
to be busy (with)to be called forto be called out
to be cancelledto be capable ofto be capable of anything
to be capable of chewing up loto be capable of doing sth.to be capable of having a rela
to be capable of keeping a barto be carefulto be caught
to be caught up in rush-hour tto be censorious ofto be certified insane
to be chagrinedto be changeableto be characterized by
to be chargedto be charged extra forto be charged on a time basis
to be chilled throughto be chivalrous to a womanto be clad in white
to be clairvoyantto be clairvoyantto be clench
to be clogged upto be close to tearsto be close to the action
to be closed to sb.to be closetedto be clued up about-on sth.
to be coherentto be comingto be committed to sth.
to be committed to sth.-to do to be common currencyto be compatible with
to be compatible withto be completely buggeredto be composed of
to be conceitedto be concernedto be concerned with
to be concludedto be conditionedto be confident of
to be confined to bedto be confusedto be congruent with
to be connectedto be connected withto be considered suitable
to be consistent withto be constrained by circumstato be content with
to be contented to do sth.to be continued -to be contd-to be contrary to the regulati
to be contrary toto be convenient to sb.to be correct
to be correlative with-to sth.to be court-martialled and shoto be crabby
to be crazyto be crippled for lifeto be critical of sth.
to be critically woundedto be crossed in loveto be crucially important
to be curious about sth.to be curious to know sth.to be cut and dried
to be cut to the coreto be cut upto be daunted by sth.
to be dead against sth.to be dead broketo be dead
to be deaf in one earto be deaf to sth.to be deceived (in)
to be dedicated to sth.-sb.to be deduced (from)to be deducted
to be deductibleto be deemed sth.to be deeply moved
to be defeatedto be definiteto be delighted (by)
to be delighted by sth.to be deliriousto be dependent on
to be depending onto be depositedto be derailed
to be derisive (about)to be derived (from)to be descended
to be descended fromto be designated for sth.to be designed to
to be desirous ofto be desperate for sth.to be desperate to do sth.
to be despondentto be destined for sth.to be destined to do sth.
to be determinedto be determined -TBD-to be detrimental to sth.
to be devoted to sb.to be diametrically opposedto be diametrically opposed
to be differentto be difficultto be dilatory in
to be directed (towards)to be disappointed in-by-with to be disgraced
to be disgustedto be disposed to do sth.to be distantly related
to be distracted with painto be distressedto be divided (on)
to be doneto be doomedto be doomed to die
to be doomed to failureto be doomed toto be doubled up in tears
to be downto be downto be down in the dumps
to be down the drainto be dressed to killto be dripping wet
to be drownedto be drunkto be due (to)
to be dyingto be easily-accurately calculto be easy to reach
to be economicalto be effectiveto be eighteen
to be elatedto be eliminated from the tourto be eliminated
to be embarrassedto be emphatic about sth.to be employed by (with)
to be enabled to do sth.to be enamored of
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