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to be enclosedto be enemiesto be engaged
to be engaged in researchto be engaged otherwiseto be engaged
to be enough to make one puketo be entangled into be enthroned
to be entitled to a pensionto be entitled to sth.to be entitled to vote
to be entitled to voteto be equal to sth.to be equipped with sth.
to be essentialto be even with sb.to be evocative of sth.
to be exasperated (atto be exempt (from sth.)to be exempted from sth.
to be expecting a babyto be expectingto be experienced in dealing w
to be expressedto be extinguishedto be extraneous to sth.
to be eyeball to eyeballto be faced with a dangerto be fair
to be faithful to sb.to be familiar with sth.to be far away from sb.-sth.
to be far offto be far offto be fast asleep
to be fast-pacedto be fatteningto be favourite
to be fed on liquidsto be fed up to the back teethto be fighting a rear-guard ac
to be fillingto be filmingto be financially liable for
to be fined for sth.to be fitto be fit again
to be flabbergastedto be fleecedto be flush
to be flush with moneyto be foaming with rageto be fond of doing sth.
to be fond of sth.to be foolishto be footloose and fancy-free
to be for saleto be for the birdsto be forced to take action
to be forearmedto be forfeitto be forthcoming
to be forthcomingto be foundto be fraught (with)
to be freeto be freed (from)to be friends
to be frightened (atto be frozen stiffto be fucking loaded
to be full of good senseto be full of integrityto be full of piss and vinegar
to be full of sth.to be fully stretchedto be fully stretched
to be funkyto be furious with sb.to be fussy about sth.
to be game for sth.to be game for sth.to be generous
to be germane toto be getting on in yearsto be given priority (treatmen
to be given the rest of the dato be glassy-eyedto be glib in finding excuses
to be going bald at the templeto be going smoothlyto be going to
to be gone (pain)to be good at typingto be good for
to be granted a full dischargeto be granted bailto be groovy
to be groundedto be groundedto be grounded
to be guilty of murderto be habituated to sth.to be hailed as a hero
to be hammeredto be hamstrungto be hamstrung
to be handcuffedto be handed downto be handy about the house
to be hard upto be hard up forto be hard-up
to be having a hard time with to be headlinedto be held on-in a database
to be held responsible forto be heldto be hellbent
to be henpeckedto be highto be high in the ratings
to be highly pleasedto be highly sexedto be holed
to be home and dryto be homesickto be homophobic
to be honestto be hookedto be horrified at the sight o
to be horrified by sth.to be hostile toto be hot for
to be hung like a horseto be hungoverto be hungry
to be hustled into a decisionto be ill at easeto be ill in bed
to be ill-disposed (toto be illto be illegitimate
to be immediately under sb.to be imminentto be immune to feedback
to be immunodeficientto be impassionedto be impatient for
to be impatient ofto be impatient ofto be impatient to do ...
to be impervious argumentsto be impoverishedto be in
to be in (a state of) developmto be in (serious) danger of rto be in (the) hospital
to be in a bad wayto be in a brown studyto be in a buying mood
to be in a clutterto be in a ditherto be in a feud (with so.)
to be in a film-movieto be in a fixto be in a foul mood
to be in a fretto be in a fretto be in a generous mood
to be in a good humourto be in a good moodto be in a good temper
to be in a huffto be in a hurryto be in a majority
to be in a muddleto be in a position toto be in a position to do sth.
to be in a predicamentto be in a rageto be in a real peeve
to be in a rutto be in a sorry stateto be in a spot
to be in a state of weightlessto be in a stewto be in a tight spot
to be in a tight squeezeto be in a tizzyto be in accord with sth.
to be in accordance withto be in administrationto be in alignment
to be in an awkward predicamento be in an off-side positionto be in anguish
to be in awe of sb.to be in bad
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