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to be in bad fettleto be in bad repairto be in bad temper
to be in cahoots with sb.to be in charge of sth.to be in charge of sth.
to be in charge of sth.to be in close contact withto be in conflict
to be in conformity with sth.to be in contact with sb.to be in contact
to be in dangerto be in demandto be in dire need of
to be in dire straitsto be in disagreementto be in doubt
to be in effectto be in evidenceto be in fear
to be in formidable formto be in frameto be in good (bad) repute
to be in good conditionto be in good conditionto be in good fettle
to be in good spiritsto be in great dangerto be in great demand
to be in great distressto be in high spiritsto be in keeping with the time
to be in labourto be in lapse (claim)to be in limbo
to be in love withto be in low spiritsto be in low water
to be in meshto be in motionto be in mourning
to be in need (of)to be in oppositionto be in pain
to be in progressto be in quarantineto be in raptures (about
to be in regulation dressto be in reserveto be in revolt
to be in shockto be in short supplyto be in splints
to be in store forto be in the ascendantto be in the ascendant
to be in the frontlineto be in the habit ofto be in the law
to be in the limelightto be in the line of fireto be in the looming
to be in the makingto be in the market for sth.to be in the picture
to be in the pinkto be in the process of doing to be in the public eye
to be in the pudding clubto be in the right positionto be in the same boat
to be in the soupto be in the throes of sth.to be in the tight corner
to be in the vanguard ofto be in the washto be in the way
to be in touchto be in townto be in trouble with sb.
to be in troubleto be in tuneto be in tune with sb.
to be in tune with sth.to be in two mindsto be in use
to be in vogueto be into be inactive
to be incapable of doing sth.to be incapable of having a reto be incommensurate with sth.
to be incredibly interested into be incumbent upon sb.to be indecisive
to be indicatedto be indicatedto be indicative of sth.
to be indisposed to do sth.to be individual in styleto be inferior
to be infested with parasitesto be infested with sth.to be informative (of)
to be inherent into be injuriousto be innocent of the crime
to be inquorateto be intended for sb.to be intent on making a profi
to be intercutto be interested into be interfering
to be into sth.to be intrigued with-by sth.to be inundated with sth.
to be involved (in)to be involved in an accidentto be involved in sth.
to be involved with sb.to be involved with sb.to be irretrievably lost
to be issued with a final sentto be jammedto be jetlagged
to be job huntingto be joined togetherto be just as big as ...
to be justifiedto be kaputto be keen-eyed
to be kept under supervisionto be kin (to)to be kindly regarded
to be knowledgeable (about)to be known (as)to be lacking
to be laid outto be lateto be latent
to be launchedto be lavish in-with sth.to be lazy about doing sth.
to be leaning (against)to be left behindto be left empty-handed
to be left undoneto be left with nothingto be left-handed
to be lenient towards sb.to be let out on paroleto be level on points
to be liable for sth.to be liable to pay the costs-to be like a cat on hot bricks
to be like sb.to be linked (with sth.)to be listed
to be listing heavilyto be literateto be littered with
to be loath to do sth.to be locatedto be looking for
to be lostto be lost in the whirlpool ofto be lost with all hands
to be lostto be loudly dressedto be lovesick
to be lowto be low on fuelto be loyal and faithful
to be lying in the roadsto be mad atto be made
to be made homelessto be made of sterner stuffto be mass-produced
to be meant forto be meant for sb.to be merciful
to be merged into be meshugato be milked as the cash-cow o
to be mindful of sth.to be missingto be mistaken
to be mistrustful of sb.to be moderate (in)to be modest
to be mortifiedto be moved to another schoolto be moved to tears
to be moved upto be mutually dependentto be nasty (about)
to be necessaryto be next
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