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to be sureto be surprised (at)to be surprised
to be surrounded by scaffoldinto be susceptible to blackmailto be suspended
to be sweet withto be swollento be sympathetic to sb.
to be tablet-dependentto be tabooto be tailor-made for sb.
to be tainted with viceto be takento be taken aback
to be taken into be taken off-guardto be taken prisoner
to be taken up (by)to be taken withto be taken with sth.-sb.
to be tangent toto be tantamount to sth.to be tardy
to be targeted on sth.to be taskedto be teetering on the brink o
to be temptedto be tempted to do sth.to be tenacious
to be tenacious of sth.to be terminally illto be terrible at maths
to be terrifiedto be the clincherto be the father of two (child
to be the final touchto be the force behind sth.to be the last to go
to be the last to hold the forto be the loserto be the loser
to be the order of the dayto be the responsibility ofto be the result
to be the subject of relentlesto be thereto be there for sb.
to be there tooto be thereto be there
to be thick-skinnedto be thin on the groundto be thrilled
to be thrilled that ...to be thrilled to bitsto be thrown up
to be thwarted at every turnto be tiedto be tied on a certain place
to be tied up withto be tied up with business (mto be tight with money
to be tight withto be tinctured with sth.to be tipsy
to be tired of sth.to be to blame (for sth.)to be to blame for
to be togetherto be tongue-tiedto be too early
to be too vigorous for sb.to be top dogto be top of the class
to be tornto be tradedto be trampled to death
to be transferredto be transmittedto be trapped
to be travelingto be treading on thin iceto be triumphant (over)
to be troubled by sth.to be troubled withto be true
to be trying to play the off-sto be trying to solve (clear uto be unable to agree with sb.
to be unable to avoidto be unable to decide betweento be unable to harm a person
to be unattended toto be unaware of sth.to be unaware of sth.
to be uncalled forto be undecidedto be under a delusion
to be under a lot of stressto be under ageto be under consideration
to be under general anaesthetito be under medical treatmentto be under police surveillanc
to be under pressureto be under reviewto be under stress
to be under suspicionto be under the delusionto be under the impression tha
to be undersexedto be undersexedto be understaffed
to be uneasyto be unfaithful toto be unfaithful
to be unfriendly to sb.to be ungrudgingly into be uninhibited by sth.
to be uniqueto be unkind to animalsto be unlucky (with)
to be unnecessaryto be unoccupiedto be unoccupied
to be unresolvedto be unshakento be unsound on
to be unsure whether ...to be unswerving in sth.to be unwilling
to be upto be upto be up a creek
to be up a gum treeto be up in arms againstto be up on the noticebord
to be up to dateto be up to no goodto be up to the mark
to be used to (using) computerto be used to sth.to be used up
to be vacantto be vain about sth.to be valid
to be valid for three monthto be very conscious about sthto be very exacting
to be very involved (withto be very learned in art histto be very popular
to be very proud of sth.to be very sensitiveto be very well received
to be vexed (aboutto be vigilant about sth.to be vigilant against sth.
to be visibleto be voicedto be vulnerable
to be wanted on the phoneto be wasteful with sth.to be wasteful with sth.
to be wavyto be welcometo be well disposed to sb.
to be well informedto be well informedto be well versed
to be well-placedto be well-placed (to meet a cto be well-spoken
to be wet throughto be whackedto be wide awake
to be widely readto be willing to do sth.to be wise afterwards
to be with itto be with sb.to be with sb.
to be within 30 minutes of ...to be without any foundationto be witty
to be wont to do sth.to be working on sth.to be working-class
to be workingto be workingto be worn out
to be worried that ...to be worse offto be worth a mint
to be woundedto be wrongto be wrong
to be wrongto be wrong
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