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to be yellow carded by the refto beto be
to beto beto beach
to beadto beamto beam
to beam atto beam at sb.to beam towards
to beam with joyto bear (on)to bear a grudge against sb.
to bear a titleto bear all customs duties andto bear all taxes
to bear any additional coststo bear any customs dutiesto bear away
to bear downto bear downto bear down
to bear eloquent witness to stto bear fruitto bear grudges
to bear in mindto bear offto bear out
to bear sb. a grudgeto bear so. a grudge for sth.to bear testimony (for)
to bear the blameto bear the brunt of the houseto bear the consequences
to bear the expenseto bear the guilt of sth.to bear up
to bear up (againstto bear witness to sth.to bear
to bearto bearto bear
to bearto bear-take-suffer the brunt to beard
to beard the lion in his dento beatto beat (metall)
to beat about the bushto beat about the bushto beat about the bush
to beat around the bushto beat downto beat it
to beat its wingsto beat pricesto beat sb. to a pulp
to beat sth. to a thick consisto beat the big drum (for sth.to beat the drum
to beat the heatto beat timeto beat time
to beat timeto beat upto beat up-thrash sb.
to beatto beatto beat
to beatto beatbackto beatify sb.
to beautifyto beaver awayto becalm
to beckonto beckon backto beckon in
to beckon overto becloudto become a burden
to become a crowd-pleaserto become a doctorto become a household name
to become a memberto become a process with its oto become a slave
to become a slave to sb.to become abusive towards sb.to become accessible
to become addicted (to sth.)to become addictedto become an (army) officer
to become an orphanto become angryto become attuned to sth.
to become aware ofto become aware of sth.to become better and better
to become blurredto become burgeoisto become clear
to become common currencyto become completely caught upto become contractual
to become convincedto become countrifiedto become covered (with)
to become depopulatedto become deposited (in)to become desolate
to become dilapidatedto become discouraged (by)to become engaged
to become extinctto become famous through televto become fat
to become fond of sb.to become fond of sth.to become fond of
to become friendsto become friendsto become furious about sth.
to become habitualto become hardenedto become impoverished
to become incrustedto become independentto become infatuated with
to become infested with liceto become inflamedto become inflamed with passio
to become intertwinedto become inured toto become known
to become marshyto become mattedto become more complicated
to become mutinousto become naturalizedto become no longer necessary
to become obsoleteto become operativeto become ossified
to become outdatedto become overcastto become overgrown
to become personalto become pregnantto become second nature to sb.
to become self-employedto become senileto become set on sth.
to become short of breathto become silentto become spoiled
to become staleto become stuntedto become stupid
to become suspiciousto become suspiciousto become the mouthpiece of ..
to become untidyto become violentto become
to becometo bedto bedaub
to bedeckto bedevilto bedraggle
to beef (about)to beef upto beep
to befallto befallto befit
to befitto befogto befoul
to befriendto befuddleto befuddle
to beg (for)to beg (of sb.)to beg leave
to beg sb.to begetto beggar
to beggar sb.to begin to go badto begin to waver
to beginto begin-start to go a bit gagto begin
to begrimeto begrudge
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