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to beguileto beguileto beguile sb. into doing sth.
to behave (oneself)to behave (oneself) wellto behave in a strange fashion
to behave with integrityto beheadto behead sb.
to beholdto behoveto behove
to belaborto belaborto belabor
to belayto belchto belch
to belchto beleaguerto belie
to belieto belieto belie
to belieto believe (in)to believe (wrong)
to believe oneself to be lostto believe sb.to belittle
to belittleto belittle oneselfto belittle
to bellowto bellyache (about)to belong
to belong toto belong togetherto belt along
to belt up even on short journto beltto belt
to bemoanto bemoanto bemuse
to benchto bendto bend down low
to bend downto bend forwardto bend off
to bend the kneeto bend upto bend up
to bendto bendto bend
to bendto bendto benefit
to benefit (byto benumbto bequeath sth. to sb.
to berateto bereaveto beseech
to beseechto besetto beset
to besiegeto besiegeto besmear
to besmirchto besotto bespeak
to bespeakto bestto bestir
to bestowto bestowto bestow a glance on sb.
to bestow sth. on so.to bestow sth. upon so.to bestrew
to bestrideto bestrideto bet on the wrong horse
to bet the ranchto betto bethink
to betray (intoto betray (to)to betray sb.
to betrothto betterto better
to better oneselfto bevelto bewail
to bewailto bewareto beware (of)
to beware of sth.to bewilderto bewitch
to bewitchto biasto bias (towards sth.)
to bibto bickerto bid farewell
to bidto bidto bide awhile
to bideto bifurcateto bilk
to billto billto bill
to bill and cooto bill and cooto billet (on)
to billowto binto bind in boards
to bind togetherto bindto bind
to bisectto bisque fireto bitch (about)
to bitch and moanto bite back sth.to bite into
to bite offto bite off sb.to bite the bait
to bite the bulletto bite the dustto bite through
to bite throughto biteto bite
to bivouacto blabto blab
to blackto black outto black out
to blackballto blackento blacken
to blacken with sootto blackerto blackguard sb.
to blackmailto bladeto blag
to blameto blameto blame one another
to blame sb. forto blame sb. for sth.to blame
to blanchto blanchto blanch
to blandishto blandishto blank after
to blanketto blanketto blanket
to blanketto blanketto blare
to blareto blareto blaspheme
to blastto blastto blast
to blastto blast cleanto blast the contacts
to blazeto blazeto blaze the trail
to blaze upto blazonto bleach
to bleachto bleatto bleat
to bleed offto bleed offto bleed to death
to bleed to deathto bleed white sb.
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