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to bleedto bleedto bleed
to bleedto blemishto blench
to blendto blendto blend (with)
to blend a sauceto blend wineto blend
to blessto blessto blether
to blightto blindto blind out
to blindfoldto blindsideto blink
to blink atto blinkto blister
to blisterto blisterto blister
to bloatto bloatto blob
to block (off)to block upto block
to blogto bloomto blossom
to blossomto blotto blot
to blotto blot outto blot out
to blotchto bloviateto blow
to blow (money)to blow (tyre-tire)to blow a fuse
to blow a fuseto blow a whistleto blow an egg
to blow atto blow awayto blow away
to blow awayto blow awayto blow gently
to blow in one breathto blow in toto blow off
to blow offto blow outto blow out (a well)
to blow overto blow sb. a kissto blow sb.
to blow smoketo blow sth. upto blow the cover of
to blow upto blow up (a problem)to blow up
to blowto blowto blow
to blow-dryto blubberto bludgeon
to bludgeonto blueto blue-pencil
to bluffto blunderto blunder in-into
to blunder into a trapto blunderto blunder
to blungeto blunt (to)to blur
to blurto blurto blur
to blurto blurtto blush
to blush with shameto blusterto bluster
to boardto boardto board
to boardto board (a ship)to board out
to board upto boastto boast (about)
to boast (of)to boast (ofto bob
to bobto bob upto bob
to bobbin laceto bodeto bog
to bog downto bog downto bogart sth.
to boggleto boilto boil
to boil awayto boil downto boil down to sth.
to boil overto boil upto bollix up sth.
to bollixto bolster sb. upto bolster up so.
to bolsterto bolsterto bolt
to boltto boltto bolt
to boltto boltto bolt sb. in
to bolt sb. outto bolt togetherto bomb out
to bomb out with sb.to bombto bomb
to bombto bombard sb. with questionsto bombard
to bondto bondto bond (to)
to booto booby-trapto booby-trap
to bookto bookto book
to book an orderto book exhibition spaceto book into
to bookto boomto boom
to boondoggleto boostto boot
to bootto boot outto bootleg
to bootlickto bootstrapto bootstrap
to boozeto borderto border (on)
to border on each other (countto borderto bore
to bore (intoto bore soundto bore stiff
to bore throughto bore to deathto borrow (from)
to borrow (from)to borrow (from)to borrow for ... weeks
to borrow up to ... booksto bossto boss around
to botchto botherto bother
to botherto botherto bottle
to bottle upto bottom out
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