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to bottom outto bottom upto boulder
to bounceto bounceto bounce
to bounce (cheque-check)to bounce backto bounce back
to bounce backto bounce off (waves)to bound
to boundto bowto bow out
to bow toto bow to necessityto bow to the inevitable
to bowdlerizeto bowlto bowl
to bowl overto bowl overto box
to boxto box the earsto boycot
to braceto braceto brace for sth.
to brace upto bracketto brag (about)
to braidto brainto brain up sth.
to brainwash sb.to braiseto brake
to brake hardto branchto branch
to branch backwardto branch offto brand
to brandto brand as a hereticto brandish
to brattice offto braveto brave
to brawlto brawlto brawl
to brayto brayto braze
to braze onto breachto breach (a contract)
to break (off) an engagementto break (up) with sb.to break a complex task into s
to break a habitto break a ruleto break a stereotype
to break away (from)to break away (from)to break away from the parenta
to break awayto break danceto break down
to break downto break downto break down
to break downto break downto break down
to break evento break forthto break fresh ground
to break fresh groundto break groundto break in
to break in on sb.to break in twoto break in
to break into a gallopto break into a smileto break loose
to break offto break offto break off
to break offto break off a conversationto break off diplomatic relati
to break off from workto break off in mid-sentenceto break off relations with sb
to break offto break on the wheelto break open
to break opento break opento break out
to break out (fromto break out in a sweatto break out in spots
to break surface (submarine)to break the iceto break the news to sb.
to break the reform log-jamto break the rulesto break through
to break to piecesto break upto break up
to break upto break upto break up
to break upto break upto break up class routine
to break up with sb.to break with conventionsto break
to breakto breakto break
to breakfastto breaking pointto breast (out)
to breast the wavesto breast-feedto breathe
to breatheto breathe againto breathe fire and brimstone
to breathe into breathe onto breathe out
to breathe stertorouslyto breedto breed
to breezeto breezeto breeze through
to brewto brewto brew
to brewto bribeto bridge
to bridge a gulfto bridge the gap between ... to bridge
to bridleto bridleto bridle (at)
to briefto briefto brief
to briefto brief so.to brighten
to brimto brim overto brim over
to bring (to)to bring a charge (against)to bring a charge against sb.
to bring aboutto bring aboutto bring about
to bring alongto bring alongto bring back memories
to bring backto bring behind barsto bring claims or legal proce
to bring downto bring downto bring down to a common deno
to bring down to a common denoto bring forwardto bring forward a motion
to bring forwardto bring into bring in
to bring in an accusationto bring in lineto bring into accordance
to bring into serviceto bring it downto bring oneself to do sth.
to bring outto bring out the main pointsto bring over
to bring roundto bring round
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