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to bring sb. beforeto bring sb. into disreputeto bring sb. to his senses
to bring sb. to the gallowsto bring sb. up to scratchto bring so. up to scratch
to bring st. under controlto bring sth. aliveto bring sth. to a standstill
to bring sth. up to dateto bring the house downto bring to a stop
to bring to an issueto bring to heelto bring to light
to bring to mindto bring togetherto bring traffic to a standsti
to bring upto bring upto bring up
to bring up a childto bring up a subjectto bring up sth.
to bring upto bringto bring
to bringto briste (with)to bristle
to bristle with angerto broachto broach
to broachto broachto broadcast
to broadcastto broadento broker
to broodto broodto brook
to browbeatto browbeatto brown
to brownto brownnoseto browse
to browseto browse throughto bruise
to bruiseto bruiseto bruise
to bruiseto bruitto brush
to brushto brush asideto brush off
to brush offto brush up on sth.to brutalize
to bubbleto bubbleto bubble over
to buckto buck (against)to buck off (rider)
to buck the trendto buck upto buck up
to buckleto buckleto buckle
to buckleto buckle downto buckle down to a task
to buckle onto buckle onto buckle up
to bud (trees)to budto budge
to budgeto budgetto budget
to budgetto budget (for sth.)to budget for sth.
to buffto buffto buff
to bufferto buffetto bug
to bugto bugger offto bugger up sth.
to bugger upto buggerto bugle
to build a houseto build houses on to each othto build in
to build relationshipsto build sth. out of prefabricto build up
to build upto build up pressureto build with a cellar
to buildto buildto build
to bulgeto bullto bull the market
to bulldozeto bulldozeto bulletproof
to bullshit sb.to bully offto bully sb. (into doing sth.)
to bum (off sb.)to bumto bumble around
to bumpto bumpto bump
to bumpto bump offto bump sb.
to bundleto bundle awayto bundle out
to bundleto bungto bung up
to bungto bungleto bungle
to bungleto bunkto bunker
to buoyto buoyto burble
to burdento burgeonto burglarize
to burgleto burlesqueto burn
to burn coalto burn downto burn incense
to burn like tinderto burn oneself outto burn out
to burn outto burn the midnight oilto burn through
to burn to ashesto burn upto burn up
to burnto burnto burn
to burn-into burnishto burp a baby
to burpto burrto burrow
to burstto burst asunderto burst at the seams
to burst into burst into tearsto burst its banks
to burst out cryingto burst out laughingto burst out laughing
to burstto burstto burst
to burstto burstto bury
to buryto buryto bury sb.
to bury the hatchetto buryto bushwhack
to bussto bustto bust
to bustto bustle
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