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to bustle aboutto bustle into bustle out
to busyto busy oneself with sth.to butcher
to butcherto butcherto butt out
to butt outto buttto butter
to butter sb. upto button upto buttress
to buy a pig in a poketo buy a ticketto buy at an auction
to buy at cheapestto buy at normal pricesto buy back
to buy by subscriptionto buy cheapto buy en route
to buy fromto buy in additionto buy in the sales
to buy off the pegto buy on accountto buy on hire purchase
to buy on the black marketto buy on tickto buy sth. at an overvalue
to buy sth. for 20 Euroto buy sth. off the shelfto buy sth. on the never-never
to buy upto buyto buzz
to buzzto buzz offto bypass
to bypassto bypassto cabal
to cabinto cableto cache
to cacheto cacheto cackle
to cackleto cadge money from sb.to cadge
to caffeinateto cageto cajole
to cajoleto cajole sb into doing sth.to cajole sb.
to cajole sth. out of so.to caketo calcify
to calcineto calcineto calculate
to calculateto calculateto calender
to calenderto calibrateto calk
to calk by weldingto callto call
to call "du"to call a general electionto call a waiter
to call atto call backto call back
to call each other "du"to call forto call for
to call forto call for (at)to call for martial law
to call forthto call into call in
to call into call in (atto call in close air support
to call in sickto call offto call on sb.
to call outto call out (names)to call over
to call over the Internetto call sb. "Sie"to call sb. in evidence
to call sb. namesto call sb. to accountto call sth. to mind
to call the mediation committeto call the policeto call the roll
to call the rollto call the shotsto call the tune
to call to accountto call togetherto call up
to call upto calm downto calm oneself
to calmto calumniateto calumny
to calveto camberto camcord
to camouflageto campto camp
to campto campaignto campaign (for
to canto canalizeto cancel
to cancelto cancelto cancel
to cancelto cancelto cancel
to cancelto cancel a contractto cancel a newspaper subscrip
to cancel a subscriptionto cancel an invitationto cancel stamps
to cancel sth.to candy (sugar)to candy
to caneto caneto cane sb.
to cannibalizeto cannonto cannon into sth.
to canoeto canonicalizeto canonicalize
to canonizeto canoodleto canopy
to cantto cantto cant off
to canterto canvassto canvass
to canvassto canvass for customersto canvass
to capto capto cap
to cap everythingto cap sb.to cap the day-evening-event o
to capto capacitateto caper
to capitalizeto capitalizeto capitulate
to capsizeto captainto caption
to captivateto captivateto capture
to captureto captureto capture
to capture (town)to capture a pawn en passantto capture
to captureto captureto carbonate
to carbonizeto carburetto card
to careto care (about)
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