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to citeto cite an exampleto civilize
to civilizeto clackto claim
to claimto claim a priorityto claim back
to claim damagesto claim kindred with sb.to claim sth. for oneself
to clamto clamber (up the tree - overto clamor
to clampto clampto clamp down (on sb.)
to clampto clangto clang
to clangto clankto clarify
to clarifyto clarify a positionto clarify the procedure
to clashto clash (with)to clasp
to claspto classto classify
to classifyto classifyto clatter
to clatterto clawto claw out
to cleanto cleanto clean out the stable
to clean outto clean upto clean up (river)
to clean upto cleanseto clear
to clearto clearto clear
to clearto clearto clear
to clear a backlogto clear from mudto clear of soot
to clear offto clear outto clear stocks
to clear the ball to the corneto clear the barto clear the road
to clear the tableto clear the wayto clear up
to clear up an undetected offeto clear upto clear up
to clearto clearto clear
to cleatto cleave a wayto cleave in two
to cleaveto cleaveto cleave
to clemto clenchto clench
to clench (teeth)to clepeto click
to clickto click onto climax
to climbto climbto climb a ladder
to climb a treeto climb downto climb down
to climb on the bandwagonto climb the riggingto climb up
to climb up a mountainto climb up the social ladderto clinch
to clinchto clinch (a nail)to cling (on)
to cling togetherto clingto cling
to clinkto clinkto clink glasses
to clipto clipto clip
to clipto clipto clip (for)
to clip (on)to cloakto clobber
to clobberto clobberto clog
to clogto clogto clog
to cloisterto cloister oneself awayto clone
to cloneto cloneto close
to closeto closeto close
to close holes airtightto close into close in
to close in on sb.to close ranksto close smoothly
to close the festivalto close the proceedingsto close with a snap
to closeto closureto clot
to clotheto cloud overto clown
to cloyto clubto club
to clubto clubto cluck
to cluckto clue into clue sb. up
to clumpto clusterto cluster
to clutchto clutterto clutter up
to clutterto co-designto co-operate
to co-optto coachto coach
to coagulateto coagulateto coalesce
to coalesceto coalesceto coalify
to coarsento coastto coastdown
to coatto coat (with)to coat with silver
to coauthorto coaxto coax (to do
to cobbleto cobbleto cock (ears)
to cockerto cocoonto coddle
to codeto codifyto codify
to coerceto coerceto coexist
to cofferto cogitateto cohabit
to cohereto cohere
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