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to communicateto communicateto communicate
to communicate (with)to communicate (with)to communicate an idea
to communicate with sb.to commutateto commute
to compactto compactto compare (an adjective)
to compare (with)to compare (withto compare apples and oranges
to compare notesto compelto compel (from)
to compel to do sth.to compensateto compensate
to competeto compete forto compilate
to compileto compileto compile a list by hand
to compile statisticsto complain (of)to complain (of
to complain about sth.to complementto complete
to completeto complete a callto complete tasks
to complicateto complicateto compliment (on)
to compliment (on)to complyto comply (with)
to comply with a termto comply with all formalitiesto comply with any formalities
to comply with sth.-sb.to comply with the instructionto comport
to composeto composeto compose
to compose a poemto compose oneselfto compound
to compoundto compoundto compound (with)
to compound for sth.to comprehendto comprehend
to compressto compressto compress
to compriseto compriseto compromise
to compromiseto compromiseto compromise (on)
to compromise oneselfto computeto compute
to computerizeto conto con sb. into sth.
to conto concatenateto concatenate
to conceal (from)to conceal in the false bottomto concede
to concedeto concede (to)to concede a penalty
to concede a right to sb.to concede victory to sb.to conceive
to conceiveto conceiveto conceive
to conceiveto conceive an ideato conceive of
to concentrateto concentrate (on)to concentrate by freezing
to concentrate on sth.to conceptualizeto concern
to concern oneself with sth.to conciliateto conciliate
to concludeto concludeto conclude (a contract)
to conclude (from)to conclude (with)to conclude a contract
to concludeto concludeto concoct
to concoctto concreteto concur
to concurto condemnto condemn
to condemnto condemn sth. wholesaleto condense
to condenseto condescend to do sth.to condition
to condoneto condoneto conduce
to conductto conductto conduct
to conductto conduct a building searchto conduct a conversation
to conduct a parachute assaultto conduct mystery shoppingto conduct targeted checks
to confederateto confederateto confer
to confer (power)to confer with sb.to confess
to confessto confessto confess
to confessto confideto confide
to confide (in)to confide in sb.to confide in sb.
to configurateto configureto configure
to confine (into confine (to)to confirm
to confirm a contractto confirm a popular cliché-sto confirm an order
to confirm by documentsto confirm the newsto confiscate
to confiscate sth. from sb.to confiscateto conflate
to conflictto conflict (with)to conflict (with)
to conform (to)to conform (to)to conform (to)
to conform to sth.to confoundto confound
to confoundto confoundto confound (with)
to confrontto confront (with)to confront a danger
to confront a problemto confront sb.to confuse
to confuseto confuseto confuse (with)
to confuse sb.to confuseto confute
to congealto congealto congest
to conglomerateto congratulate (on)to congratulate (on)
to congregateto congregateto conjecture
to conjectureto conjoin
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