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to conjugateto conjureto conk out
to connectto connect (to)to connect (to)
to connect by cableto connect in parallelto connect through
to connectto conniveto connive
to connive (at)to connive at sth.to connive at sth.
to connoteto connoteto conquer
to conquerto conscriptto consecrate
to consecrateto consentto conserve
to considerto considerto consider
to consider it an honour to doto consider necessaryto consider oneself fortunate
to consider oneself toto consider sth. (to be) indisto consider sth. carefully
to consider sth. in all its beto consider sth. unreasonableto consider, that ...
to consignto consist (ofto console
to console (with)to consolidateto consolidate
to consolidateto consortto conspire (against)
to conspire against sb.to constipateto constitute
to constituteto constituteto constitute a formal legal c
to constitute a forumto constitute a precedentto constitute
to constrainto constrainto constrict
to constrictto constrictto construct
to constructto constructto construct sth. badly
to constructto construeto construe
to construe sth. extensivelyto consultto consult
to consultto consult (about)to consult a manual
to consult sb. about sth.to consult sb. with sth.to consult with sb. about
to consult with sb. about sth.to consumeto consume
to consumeto consummateto consummate the marriage
to contactto contactto contact sb. by phone
to contact the information desto containto contain
to containto containto contain defects
to contain oneselfto containto containerize
to contaminateto contaminateto contemplate
to contemplateto contemplate sth.to contemplate suicide
to contendto contendto content
to content (with)to content oneself withto contest
to contestto contest (withto contest a decision
to contextualizeto continueto continue
to continue a businessto continue searchingto continue to exist
to continue to liveto continue to workto contort
to contourto contourto contour
to contourto contractto contract
to contractto contract (into)to contract a disease
to contract an illnessto contract into contract out
to contract out (to)to contract sth. fromto contract sth. from sb.
to contrast (with)to contrast (with)to contrast (with)
to contrast pleasantly with stto contrast withto contravene
to contributeto contribute (money)to contrive
to controlto controlto control
to controlto control remoteto control the skis using the
to controvertto contuseto convalesce
to conveneto conveneto convene
to conventionalizeto converge (at)to converge (at)
to converse (withto convertto convert
to convertto convertto convert
to convertto convert (into)to convert (into)
to convert (to)to convert by missionary workto convert sth., at its-their
to convert toto conveyto convey
to conveyto convey (to)to convey
to convictto convict (sb. of a crime)to convict of murder
to convict on a criminal chargto convince (of)to convince oneself
to convoketo convolveto convolve
to convoyto convoyto convulse
to cooto cooeeto cook
to cook (slowly)to cook a lieto cook by gas
to cook for oneselfto cook for sb.to cook on a low heat
to cook slowlyto cook sth. throughto cook the books
to cook to ragsto cook up a story
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