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to coolto cool downto cool down
to cool downto cool downto cool off
to cooperateto cooperate with so.to coordinate
to coordinateto cop itto cop ores
to copto copeto cope with
to cope with sth.to cope withto copper-plate
to copulateto copyto copy
to copyto copy everything sb. doesto copy out
to copy sth. from sb.to copyrightto coquet
to cord upto cordon offto core (pomes)
to coreto corkto cork
to cornerto cornerto corral
to correctto correctto correlate
to correlateto correlate (with)to correspond
to correspond (to-with sth.)to correspond to the sample ento correspond with the descrip
to corroborateto corrodeto corrugate
to corruptto corruptto corrupt
to corrupt morallyto coruscateto cosher
to cosignto cost a fortuneto cost an arm and a leg
to cost on the black marketto cost such-and-suchto cost
to costumeto cotterto couch
to coughto cough slightlyto cough up
to counselto countto count
to count (as)to count (on)to count (on)
to count backto count backwardsto count every penny
to count for lostto count on favourto count on so.-sth.
to count overto count travelling time as woto count up
to count withto countenanceto counter
to counterto counterto counter
to counter an argument with stto counteractto counterbalance
to counterbidto counterfeitto counterfeit a document
to countermandto counterpoiseto counterrotate
to countersignto countersinkto countervail
to countervailto coupleto couple
to coupleto coupleto couple up (to)
to courseto courseto court
to courtto courtto court controversy
to court sb.to courtto covenant
to covenant to do sth.to coverto cover
to coverto coverto cover
to cover (with)to cover (with)to cover a distance
to cover a songto cover a subjectto cover a wide field
to cover by a smoke screento cover quite a distanceto cover sb.
to cover sth.to cover upto cover with curtains
to coverto coverto covet
to covibrateto cowerto cower away (from)
to cower downto crabto crab
to crackto crackto crack
to crackto crack jokesto crack nuts
to crack open the kiln doorto crack upto crack up
to crackleto cradleto craft
to cramto cramto cram (into)
to crampto crampto cramp
to crampto crankto crank up
to crapto crashto crash
to crash (airplane)to crash aboutto crash into
to crash-landto crashto crash
to crateto craveto crave
to craveto crave (for) sth.to crave (for
to crawlto crawlto crawl on all fours
to crawlto crazeto creak
to creamto creamto cream
to cream offto creaseto crease
to creaseto createto create
to createto createto create a CD from a playlist
to create a disturbanceto create a goal-scoring chancto create a scandal
to create a scareto create a sensation
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