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to create demandto create legal certaintyto create sth. out of nothing
to create unrestto createto credit
to creditto credit a sum to sb.to creep away
to creep into creep intoto creep up (to)
to creep up (to)to creepto creep
to cremateto crestto crew out
to crib (offto crickto cricket
to criminalizeto crimpto crimp
to cringeto crinkleto cripple
to crippleto crippleto cripple
to crisscrossto criticizeto criticize
to croakto croakto croak
to crochetto crock upto crook
to croonto cropto crop
to crop upto crossto cross
to cross oneselfto cross outto cross out
to cross outto cross over (to)to cross the finishing line
to cross the goal lineto cross the roadto cross under
to cross-examineto crossto cross
to crossto crossto crossbreed
to crosscutto crosscutto crouch
to crouch (to)to crowto crow
to crowd roundto crowd sb.to crowd together
to crownto crucifyto cruise
to cruiseto cruiseto cruise
to crumbto crumbto crumble
to crumbleto crumble awayto crumple
to crunchto crunchto crunch
to crunchto crunchto crunch
to crusadeto crusadeto crusade
to crushto crushto crush
to crushto crushto crust
to crust overto crustto cry (for)
to cry (for)to cry for the moonto cry out
to cry wolfto crystallize (out of)to crystallize out
to crystallizeto cubeto cube
to cuckoldto cuckooto cuddle
to cuddleto cuddle upto cudgel
to cueto cuff sb.to cull
to cull (from)to cull (from)to cull flowers
to culminateto culminateto cultivate
to cultivateto cultivateto cultivate a piece of land
to cultivate landto cumberto cumulate
to cumulateto curb sb.to curb
to curdleto cureto cure
to cureto cureto curl
to curlto curlto curl up
to curryto curseto curtail
to curtailto curtsyto curve
to cushionto customizeto customize
to customizeto customizeto cut a dash
to cut a figureTo cut a long story short ...to cut across
to cut acrossto cut across countryto cut across
to cut asparagusto cut awayto cut back
to cut back (on)to cut backto cut capors
to cut classesto cut cornersto cut down
to cut downto cut down on manpowerto cut grass
to cut into cut into cut into halves
to cut into piecesto cut no iceto cut off
to cut offto cut offto cut out
to cut out with a pastry wheelto cut peatto cut prices
to cut sb. shortto cut sb. some slackto cut short
to cut shortto cut the Gordian knotto cut the mustard
to cut throughto cut throughto cut to shape
to cut to sizeto cut to the chaseto cut up
to cut upto cut using an oxyacetylene fto cut
to cutto cut
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