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to cutto cutto cut
to cycle powerto cycleto dab
to dabbleto dabble in sth.to dabble in stocks and shares
to dallyto dallyto dam up
to dam upto damto damage
to damageto damnto damn
to dampto dampto dampen
to dampento danceto dance eurythmically
to dance in stepto dance the twistto dandify
to dandleto dangle from the gallowsto dapple
to dareto dare to do sth.to dare
to dareto dareto darken
to darkento darkento darn
to darnto darn socksto dart
to dartto dart a glance at sb.to dart off
to dashto dashto dash a hope
to dash around the countryto dash downto dash forward
to dash hopesto dash offto dash off
to dash to piecesto dateto date
to dateto date aheadto date back (to)
to date back toto date stampto date-cancel
to daubto dauntto daunt
to dawdle awayto dawdleto dawn
to daydreamto dazeto dazzle
to dazzleto de-allocateto de-energize
to de-escalateto deacidifyto deactivate
to deactivateto deactivateto deaden
to deadento deadento deadpan
to deafento deal badly by sb.to deal in drugs
to deal sb. a blowto deal well by sb.to deal
to dealto dealto deal
to dealto dealto deal
to dealto dealto deal
to dealto debarto debark
to debaseto debateto debate
to debauchto debauchto debilitate
to debit (against)to deblockto debounce
to debriefto debugto debug
to debunk sb.to decalcifyto decamp
to decampto decantto decapitate
to decayto decayto decease
to deceiveto deceiveto deceive
to deceive oneselfto decelerateto decentralize
to decideto decide (on)to decide a controversy
to decide on a motionto decide sth. according to into decide to do sth.
to decimalizeto decimateto decipher
to decipherto decipherto deck
to declaimto declaimto declare
to declareto declareto declare
to declare a marriage invalid-to declare a registration invato declare a state of emergenc
to declare goodsto declare incapableto declare on oath
to declare oneself bankruptto declare oneself in favour oto declare oneself to sb.
to declare sb. blessedto declare sb. deadto declare sth. before witness
to declare sth. in the presencto declare sth. invalidto declare sth. well-founded
to declassifyto declassifyto decline
to declineto declineto decline
to declineto decline (fame)to decline politely
to decline steeplyto decline the responsibilityto decline with thanks
to declutchto declutterto declutter
to decodeto decollateto decommission
to decompileto decomposeto decompose
to decompressto decompressto deconsecrate
to deconstructto decontaminateto decontrol
to decorateto decoupleto decoy
to decreaseto decreaseto decrease in intensity
to decrease in lengthto decreeto decrement
to decruitto decry
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