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to decryto decryptto decuple
to dedicateto dedicateto dedicate sth. to sb.
to deduceto deduce (from)to deduce (from)
to deductto deduct (from)to deduct 5 Euros
to deduct income tax at sourceto deduct sth. for expensesto deduct sth. from the price
to dedustto deemto deem necessary
to deem sb. to have done sth.to deem sb. worthy of sth.to deem worthy
to deemphasizeto deenergizeto deep-freeze
to deep-fryto deep-sixto deepen
to deeply wrong sb.to defaceto deface
to defameto defangto defang
to defaultto defaultto default
to defaultto default in paymentsto defeat
to defeatto defeatto defeat
to defeat sb.to defecateto defect
to defect to the enemyto defend (against)to defend (against)
to defend (from)to defend oneselfto defend oneself
to defend oneself tooth and nato defenestrateto defer
to defer (to)to defileto defile
to defileto defileto defile
to defineto defineto define down
to define oneself in terms of to deflagrateto deflate
to deflateto defleato deflect
to deflectto deflectto deflower
to deflowerto defocusto defog
to defoliateto deforestto deforest
to deformto defragmentto defraud
to defraud (of)to defrayto defrock
to defrostto defrost the fridgeto defuse
to defyto defyto defy
to defyto defy descriptionto defy sb.
to defy translationto degasto degauss
to degenerateto degenerateto degrade
to degradeto degradeto degrade
to degradeto degradeto degrade
to degreaseto degustto dehumanize
to dehumidifyto dehydrateto dehydrate
to deiceto deifyto deify
to deignto dejamto deject
to delayto delayto delay the proceedings
to delegateto delegateto delete
to deleteto deliberateto deliberate
to deliberate (about)to delight (in)to delight (with)
to delimit (to)to delineateto delineate
to delineateto deliquesceto deliver
to deliverto deliverto deliver (from)
to deliver a messageto deliver a speechto deliver a warning
to deliver alsoto deliver an expert opinionto deliver in addition
to deliver in trustto deliver lettersto deliver within the specifie
to delouseto deludeto deluge
to delustreto delveto delve (into)
to delve (into)to delve into a bookto delve into the past
to demagnetizeto demandto demand
to demandto demand an explanation (of)to demand back
to demand compensationto demand too little from sb.to demand
to demandto demarcateto demean
to demean oneselfto demergeto demilitarize
to demobilizeto democratizeto demodulate
to demolishto demolishto demonise
to demonizeto demonstrateto demonstrate against sth.
to demonstrate in support of sto demoralizeto demote
to demotivateto demouldto demount
to demountto demultiplexto demur
to demurto demystifyto demythologize
to denacifyto denationalizeto denaturalize
to denatureto denigrateto denominate
to denoteto denote
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