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to discriminate (from)to discriminate against so.to discriminate between
to discriminate in favour of sto discuss (with)to discuss briefly
to disdainto disembarass (from)to disembark
to disembarkto disembark (from ship)to disembody
to disembogueto disembowelto disenchant
to disenfranchiseto disenfranchiseto disengage
to disengageto disengageto disengage
to disengage the clutchto disengageto disentangle (from)
to disentangle woolto disentangleto disestablish
to disestablishto disestablish the Churchto disesteem
to disfavorto disfigureto disgorge
to disgraceto disgraceto disgrace oneself
to disgruntleto disguiseto disgust
to disgustto dishto dish about sth.
to dish upto dishto dish
to disheartento dishevelto dishonor
to dishonourto disillusionto disincline (for
to disinfectto disinheritto disintegrate
to disintegrateto disintegrateto disinter
to disjointo disjointto dislike
to disliketo dislodgeto dislodge
to dismantleto dismantleto dismantle a clandestine dru
to dismantle the myth around sto dismantleto dismay
to dismemberto dismemberto dismiss
to dismissto dismissto dismiss (sth.)
to dismiss a caseto dismiss sth. out of handto dismiss
to dismountto disobeyto disobey
to disoblige sb.to disorderto disorganize
to disorientto disorientateto disown
to disownto disownto disparage
to disparageto dispatchto dispatch (eat)
to dispatch sb.to dispatchto dispatch
to dispatchto dispelto dispel
to dispelto dispelto dispense
to dispenseto dispenseto dispense (from)
to dispense withto disperseto disperse
to disperseto disperseto disperse
to disperseto dispiritto displace
to displaceto displace (airto display
to displayto displayto display
to display courageto display sth.to displease
to displease sb.to disposeto dispose
to dispose (of waste)to dispose in its favorto dispose of
to dispose of sth.to dispose of waste paperto dispose sb. to do sth.
to dispose sb. to sth.to dispossessto dispraise
to disproveto disputeto dispute
to disqualifyto disquietto disregard
to disregard sth.to disregardto disrobe
to disrootto disruptto diss so.
to dissatisfyto dissatisfyto dissect
to dissectto dissembleto disseminate
to disseminateto dissentto dissent
to dissimulateto dissipateto dissipate
to dissipateto dissipateto dissipate in luxury
to dissociateto dissociateto dissociate from
to dissociate oneself fromto dissolveto dissolve
to dissolve (chemically)to dissolve outto dissolve with pity
to dissolveto dissuadeto dissuade (from)
to distance (dissociate) oneseto distemperto distend
to distendto distil offto distil
to distinguishto distinguish (between)to distinguish (from)
to distinguish oneself (by)to distortto distort
to distortto distractto distrain
to distressto distributeto distribute
to distributeto distribute (among)to distribute a dividend
to distrustto disturbto disturb
to disturb the peaceto disunite
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