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to disuseto ditchto ditch sb.
to ditchto ditherto dither (between)
to dither over sth.to ditherto dive
to diveto diveto diverge
to diversifyto divertto divert
to divestto divestto divest
to divestto divideto divide
to divideto divide (into)to divide by four
to divide by threeto divide into divide into four
to divide into four partsto divide into threeto divine
to divineto divineto divorce
to divulgeto divulgeto divvy up
to dizzyto doto do (the following instructi
to do a cartwheelto do a deal with sb. for sth.to do a good deed
to do a good deedto do a good jobto do a hard course of trainin
to do a lot of sportto do a lot of sportsto do a poo
to do a right-left mouse clickto do a rollto do a self-test
to do a serviceto do a small jumpto do a stocktaking
to do a testto do a vanishing trickto do again
to do all that is humanly possto do batik workto do bird
to do businessto do completely the contraryto do good
to do goodto do gymnasticsto do handicrafts
to do harm (to)to do homage to sb.to do homage
to do illicit workto do in Rome as the Romans doto do in snatches
to do intellectual acrobaticsto do it in the conviction thato do justice to sb.
to do justice to the wineto do many things togetherto do mirror writing
to do mischiefto do missionary workto do nothing wrong
to do nothingto do number two (baby talk)to do okay
to do overtimeto do paperworkto do penance
to do pieceworkto do press-upsto do sb. the compliment (of)
to do sb. wrongto do so. a good turnto do so. an unintentional dis
to do sportsto do sth. about the bad stateto do sth. by the book
to do sth. for a dareto do sth. in playto do sth. out of spite
to do sth. with great relishto do sth. wrongto do sth. wrong
to do sumsto do the choresto do the crawl
to do the dishesto do the doubleto do the groundwork for sth.
to do the job properlyto do the laundryto do the lottery
to do the poolsto do the splitsto do violence to so.
to do wellto do what one wantsto do without
to do wondersto do wrongto dock
to dock (tails)to dockto doctor
to documentto dodderto dodge
to dodgeto dodgeto dodge (a blow)
to dodge (behind)to dodge aroundto dodge sth.
to doffto dogto dole out
to dolomitizeto domesticateto domesticate
to domicileto dominateto dominate (over)
to dominate (over)to domineerto domineer over
to donto donateto donate
to donate bloodto donateto doodle
to doodleto doomto doorstep
to dopeto dopeto dope
to dope (horses etc.)to dopeto dose
to dossto dotto dot (with)
to dot an ito doteto dote on sb.
to doubleto doubleto double
to double over in painto double upto double-click
to double-declutchto double-parkto double-space
to doubt (ofto doubt (ofto douche
to douse (light)to dovetailto dovetail
to dovetail (plans)to dovetail (with)to dowel
to downto downto downgrade
to downloadto downsizeto downsize
to downsize staffto dowseto dowse
to dozeto doze offto draft
to draftto draftto draft a contract
to draftto drag
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