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to dragto dragto drag
to drag (the anchor)to drag alongto drag off
to drag onto drag sb. through the mireto drag so. under
to drag sth. behind oneto drag sth.-sb. alongto draggle
to drainto drainto drain
to drainto drainto drain
to drain awayto drain offto drain the cup
to drain the cup of sorrow (toto dramatizeto drape
to drapeto drawto draw
to drawto draw a beerto draw a blank
to draw a lineto draw by eyeto draw conclusions (from)
to draw into draw into draw in
to draw levelto draw level withto draw level with
to draw lots (for)to draw lots forto draw off
to draw offto draw the conclusions (from)to draw the curtains
to draw the line at sth.to draw the long bowto draw the side-front elevati
to draw throughto draw to scaleto draw up
to draw up (knees)to draw up a crime mapto draw up a document
to draw up a listto draw up an interim balanceto draw up
to drawto drawto draw
to drawto drawto drawl
to dreadto dream awayto dream of
to dream upto dreamto dredge
to dressto dressto dress a wound
to dress the hairto dress upto dress up
to dress upto dressto dribble
to driftto driftto drift
to driftto driftto drift apart
to drift off courseto drillto drill (out)
to drill a holeto drill for oilto drill hard
to drill him Englishto drill outto drill
to drinkto drink in one goto drink out of the bottle
to drink the cup of hemlockto drink the watersto drink to sb.
to drink upto drinkto drip
to dripto dripto drip off
to drip offto driveto drive (sink) into the groun
to drive a zigzag courseto drive againstto drive along
to drive apartto drive awayto drive away
to drive backto drive flat outto drive home
to drive into drive in convoyto drive in front
to drive in the left-hand laneto drive intoto drive into
to drive onto drive onto drive on dipped headlights
to drive on sidelightsto drive outto drive out
to drive pastto drive roundto drive sb. crazy
to drive sb. madto drive sb. madto drive so. frantic
to drive sth. before so.to drive to despairto drive up (to)
to drive with low resto driveto drive
to driveto driveto drivel
to drizzleto drizzleto drone
to droolto drool over sth.to droop
to dropto dropto drop
to dropto dropto drop
to dropto dropto drop
to drop (below)to drop a brickto drop a hint
to drop a lineto drop below zeroto drop down
to drop down deadto drop everythingto drop from the program
to drop offto drop off sth.to drop off to sleep
to drop outto drop outto drop out of the competition
to drop sb.to drop sth.to drop sth. off at
to drownto drown in paperworkto drown out
to drowseto drubto drub
to drudgeto drug sb.to drug sb.
to drumto drumto drum up
to drumto dryto dry
to dry cleanto dry outto dry out
to dry upto dry upto dry up
to dubto dub
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