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to dubbinto duckto duck (from)
to duck away (from sb.-sth.)to duck from sth.to duck sb. (in water)
to duck underto duelto dulcify
to dullto dullto dull
to dull (eyes)to dumb downto dumb sth. down
to dumbfoundto dumbsizeto dump
to dumpto dumpto dump
to dump (waste)to dump downto dump memory
to dump on sb.to dump on sb.to dump sb.
to dump sth.to dunto dun sb. for sth.
to dungto dungeonto dunk
to dunkto dupeto dupe
to dupeto duplicateto duplicate
to dustto dust downto dust off
to dust outto dwarfto dwell on a subject
to dwellto dwellto dwell
to dwellto dwindleto dwindle
to dwindleto dwindleto dye
to each otherTo each saint his candle.to earmark
to earmark fundsto earmark sth.to earmark
to earn a crustto earn interestto earth
to easeto easeto ease up
to eat a substantial breakfastto eat an ice-creamto eat an unhealthy diet
to eat crowto eat dirtto eat healthy
to eat humble pieto eat humble pieto eat into
to eat kosherto eat like a pigto eat low-fat food
to eat noisilyto eat sb. aliveto eat sth. off
to eat sweet thingsto eat upto eat up savings
to eat upto eat upto eat
to eavesdropto ebb awayto echo
to echoto eclipseto eclipse
to ecloseto economizeto economize
to ecstasizeto edgeto edge
to edge (on)to edge away (from)to edge away
to edge outto edge upto edge up to sb.
to edifyto editto edit out
to editto editto edit
to educateto educeto efface
to effaceto effectto effect
to effect a radical cureto effectuateto effervesce
to effervesceto effervesceto effloresce
to effloresceto effuseto egest
to egg (on)to egosurfto ejaculate
to ejectto ejectto eke out a living
to eke out a miserable existento elaborateto elaborate
to elaborate (onto elaborate on sth.to elaborate on
to elapseto elapseto elate
to elbowto electto elect
to electioneerto electrifyto electrize
to electrocuteto electrodepositto electroplate
to electroweldto elevateto elicit
to elicitto elideto eliminate
to eliminateto eliminateto eliminate
to eliminateto eliminateto eliminate
to elongateto elongateto elope
to elucidateto eludeto elute
to elutriateto elutriateto emaciate
to emaciateto emanateto emanate
to emancipate oneself from sb.to emancipateto emasculate
to embalmto embankto embargo
to embarkto embark on a strategyto embarrass
to embarrassto embattleto embattle
to embedto embedto embed
to embellishto embezzleto embitter
to emblazonto embodyto embolden
to embosomto embossto embrace
to embraceto embrace
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