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to embraceto embraceto embroider
to embroiderto embroiderto embroil
to embrownto emendto emerge
to emergeto emerge asto emerge victorious
to emeryto emigrate (to)to emit
to emitto emitto emit
to emoteto empathizeto empathize with a part
to empathize with sb.to emphasizeto employ
to employto employto employ a stylistic device
to employ sb. on probation (onto employto employ
to empowerto emptyto empty
to emulateto emulateto emulate
to emulateto emulateto emulsify
to enableto enableto enable sb. to do sth.
to enactto enactto enact a law
to enamelto enamorto encamp
to encapsulateto encapsulateto encapsulate (oneself)
to encaseto encaseto encase in concrete
to encashto enchainto enchant
to enchaseto encloseto enclose
to encloseto encodeto encompass
to encompassto encompassto encompass
to encompass (by)to encompass sth.to encounter
to encounterto encounterto encourage
to encourageto encourageto encourage sb. to carry on
to encourage sb. to do sth.to encroachto encroach
to encrustto encrustto encrypt
to encumberto encumberto encyst
to endto endto end brightly
to end into end in a catastropheto end in a draw
to end in smoketo end in talkto end the season
to end up doing sth.to end upto endanger
to endear (to)to endear oneself to sb.to endeavor to do sth.
to endeavorto endogenizeto endorse
to endorseto endorseto endorse (on sb.)
to endorse (on)to endorseto endow
to endowto endow a prizeto endue
to endueto endureto endure
to endure sth.to energizeto energize
to energizeto energizeto enervate
to enervateto enfeebleto enfeeble
to enfoldto enforceto enforce
to enforceto enforceto enforce (on
to enforce a contractto enforce a judgementto enforce a law
to enforce a ruleto enforce an argumentto enfranchise
to enfranchise sbto engageto engage
to engageto engageto engage
to engageto engage a gearto engage a target
to engage hostile forcesto engage in a projectto engage in a really intricat
to engage in violent conflictsto engage oneselfto engage oneself (in
to engage oneself to do sth.to engage sb. to do sth.to engender
to engineerto engineerto engineer a scheme
to engorgeto engraveto engrave (on)
to engraveto engrossto engross
to engulfto engulfto enhance
to enhanceto enhanceto enhance the value
to enhance the visibility of ato enjointo enjoin
to enjoin sb. from doing sth.to enjoyto enjoy
to enjoy lifeto enjoy oneselfto enjoy oneself
to enjoy sth. to the fullto enlargeto enlarge
to enlargeto enlarge a bore holeto enlarge on
to enlarge proportionallyto enlarge with a driftto enlighten
to enlighten (onto enlistto enlist
to enlist (for)to enlist (in)to enlist (in)
to enlist in the navyto enlivento enliven
to enmeshto enmeshto ennoble
to enqueueto enrage
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