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to examineto examineto examine carefully
to examine forto examine whether the appeal to exasperate
to excavateto excavateto exceed a term
to exceed demandto exceed the assessment basisto exceed the time limit
to excelto excelto excel (in
to excel oneselfto exceptto except
to excerptto exchangeto exchange (for)
to exchange civilities with sbto exchange the goodsto excise
to exciteto exciteto exclaim
to excludeto exclude (from)to exclude (from)
to exclude patentabilityto excommunicateto excoriate
to excoriateto excrete , extreteto excruciate
to exculpateto excuseto execrate
to executeto executeto execute
to executeto executeto execute an order
to execute deliveryto execute the order by the ento execute
to exemplifyto exemplifyto exemplify
to exemptto exerciseto exercise
to exerciseto exercise on the barsto exercise violence
to exertto exertto exert (pressure on)
to exert influenceto exert oneselfto exfoliate
to exhaleto exhaleto exhale
to exhaleto exhaustto exhaust
to exhaustto exhaustto exhaust
to exhaust the air fromto exhibitto exhibit
to exhibitto exhilarateto exhilarate
to exhortto existto exit
to exitto exitto exit
to exonerateto exorcizeto expand
to expandto expandto expatiate
to expatiateto expatriateto expect of sb.
to expect sth. ofto expect too muchto expectorate
to expediteto expediteto expel
to expelto expelto expel
to expel (from)to expel sb. from the schoolto expend
to expendto experienceto experience
to experienceto experience a lossto experience difficulties
to experience vicariously withto experimentto experiment on oneself
to expiateto expireto expire
to explainto explainto explain
to explainto explodeto exploit
to exploitto exploit (commercially)to exploit
to exploreto exploreto exponentiate
to exportto exposeto expose
to exposeto exposeto expose
to exposeto expose for saleto expose oneself to ridicule
to expose oneselfto expose sb.-sth.to expose the problems of sth.
to expostulateto expostulate with sb. about-to expound
to expressto expressto express oneself
to expropriateto expunge (from)to extemporize
to extendto extendto extend (in
to extend (landing gear)to extend a contractto extend an invitation to sb.
to extend the validityto extendto extenuate
to exterminateto externalizeto extinguish
to extinguishto extirpateto extol
to extolto extortto extort sth. from sb.
to extractto extractto extract
to extractto extractto extract (from)
to extract honeyto extract timberto extradite
to extrapolate (from)to extrapolate data to the oveto extravasate
to extricateto extricate (from)to extricate oneself (from)
to extricate oneself from a sito extrudeto extrude
to extrudeto extrudeto extrude
to exudeto exude resinto exude
to exultto eye sth.to eye sth. up and down
to eye upto eyeto fable
to fabricateto fabricate
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