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to fabricateto fabricateto face
to faceto faceto face
to faceto face awayto face it out
to face sth. outto face the enemyto face the music
to face-liftto facilitateto facilitate
to factor into factor into sth.to factor out
to factorizeto fadeto fade
to fade (to)to fade awayto fade in
to fade outto fagto fail
to failto failto fail an examination
to fail because of sth.to fail brieflyto fail miserably
to fail sb.to fail to find a buyer for thto fail to propagate completel
to failto faintto fake
to faketo fallto fall apart
to fall asleepto fall awkwardlyto fall back
to fall back on (upon)to fall behindto fall behind
to fall downto fall downto fall down
to fall downto fall downto fall down
to fall downto fall dueto fall flat (joke)
to fall forto fall for sb. hook, line andto fall for sb.-sth.
to fall for sth. hook, line anto fall head over heels in lovto fall ill
to fall in love (with)to fall into a comato fall into a light slumber
to fall into a trapto fall into bad waysto fall into desuetude
to fall into oblivionto fall offto fall out
to fall out withto fall out with sb.to fall out
to fall overto fall senselessto fall short
to fall short ofto fall throughto fall to
to fall to piecesto fall to piecesto fall victim to
to fall victim to the censorsto fallto fall
to fallto falsifyto falsify
to falsify a documentto falterto familiarize
to familiarizeto familiarize oneself with stto famish
to famishto fanto fan oneself
to fan outto fancyto fancy
to fantasizeto fareto farm
to farmto farmto farm sth. out
to farrowto fartto fascinate
to fascinateto fashionto fast
to fast ropeto fast-trackto fasten
to fasten (to)to fasten with knotsto fasten
to fatherto father childto fathom
to fathom outto fathomto fatigue
to fattento fattento fault
to favorto favorto favour
to fawnto fawn (on)to fawn (upon)
to fawn on sb.to fazeto fear (for)
to fear redundancyto feastto feast
to feastto feast (on)to featherbed
to featureto featureto feature
to fecundateto federalizeto federate
to federateto feed an animal onto feed back
to feed backto feed fishto feed sth. into the digester
to feed the fishesto feed with hopes (of)to feed
to feedto feedto feed-out
to feedto feedto feel (full of) guilt
to feel a vocation to techto feel ashamedto feel at home in
to feel attracted by sb.to feel blueto feel bored
to feel certainto feel chillyto feel compelled
to feel constrained to sth.to feel defensiveto feel drained
to feel faintto feel fitto feel glum
to feel goodto feel goodto feel grim
to feel happy about sth.to feel humbledto feel hurt
to feel illto feel in the pinkto feel inferior
to feel liketo feel like (doing) sth.to feel like a fish out of wat
to feel like doingto feel like hometo feel like nothing on earth
to feel lowto feel obliged to do sth.to feel off-color
to feel painto feel panicky
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