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to feel pity for sth.to feel relievedto feel relieved
to feel repentantto feel resentment towards-agato feel rough
to feel sadto feel secureto feel stiff and aching
to feel stungto feel sympathetic to sb.to feel sympathy for (with)
to feel tremmelled by sth.to feel used upto feel vindicated
to feel wellto feel withto feel
to feelto feelto feign
to feignto feignto feign
to feign deathto feign illnessto feign sth. to sb.
to feintto felicitateto fell
to feltto feminizeto fence
to fenceto fence into fence off
to fendto fend for oneselfto ferment
to fermentto ferretto ferry
to ferry (across)to fertilizeto fertilize
to feruleto festerto fester
to festoonto fetchto fetch
to fetch and carryto fetch awayto fetch back
to fetch downto fetch laterto fetch
to fetchto feteto fetter
to fibto fibto fiddle
to fiddle (with)to fiddle about withto fiddle around (with)
to fiddle aroundto fiddle awayto fiddle with
to fiddleto fidgetto fidget with
to fieldto fightto fight a duel (with)
to fight for peaceto fight out in the opento fight out
to fight shy of doing sth.to fight shy of sth.to fight so.
to fight sth.to fight with the gloves offto fight
to figureto figureto figure
to figureto figure in the listto figure on sth.
to figure outto figure outto figure out sth.
to figure that ...to figureto filch
to fileto fileto file a complaint
to file a patent applicationto file a petitionto file a petition for divorce
to file a returnto file an appeal against sb.to file an application
to file into file offto file out
to fileto fillto fill
to fillto fillto fill
to fill a vacancyto fill a vacancyto fill in (cracks)
to fill in a formto fill in for sb.to fill out
to fill sb. in on sth.to fill sb. with consternationto fill sth. up
to fill upto fill upto fill up
to fill upto fill up unleaded (petrolto fill with bitterness
to fill with indignationto fill with smoketo fill
to fillto fillto fill
to filletto filletto film
to filterto finagleto finalize
to financeto finance in advanceto find a place to park
to find a ready marketto find a solutionto find a way
to find acceptanceto find accommodationto find again
to find common ground (with sbto find complete expressionto find expression in sth.
to find fault withto find it hard to make a decito find its expression (in)
to find oneself constrainedto find outto find out (about)
to find out a secretto find out sth. new from sb.to find out
to find outto find sanctuaryto find sb. lacking in sth.
to find some common ground on to find sth. a trialto find sth. repulsive
to find understanding from sb.to findto fine
to fingerto fingerto finger
to finger-wrestleto finishto finish
to finishto finish (off)to finish (work)
to finish readingto finish reading a bookto finish smoking
to finish the ball into the neto finish the day-evening (in to finish
to finiteto fireto fire
to fireto fireto fire at
to fire at sth.to fire blanksto fire off
to fire off flaresto fire sb.to fireproof
to firmto fish
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