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to fish dryto fish sth. out of sth.to fish up
to fishto fissleto fissure
to fistto fitto fit
to fitto fit (sth.)to fit a dress on sb.
to fit at the waistto fit closelyto fit in
to fit in (into)to fit into sth.to fit out
to fit to a Tto fittingly describe sth. (asto fix
to fixto fixto fix
to fixto fix a dateto fix a time limit
to fix in a wallto fix sb. up with sb.to fix up
to fixateto fixate (onto fizz
to fizzleto fizzle outto flabbergast
to flackerto flagto flag
to flagto flagto flag down
to flagto flagellateto flail
to flailto flaketo flake off
to flake outto flambéto flame
to flameto flame upto flange-mount
to flankto flankto flank sb.-sth.
to flannelto flapto flap
to flapto flareto flare
to flareto flareto flare off
to flare outto flare upto flare up
to flashto flashto flash
to flash byto flash sth.to flash through
to flattento flattento flatten
to flattento flatten outto flatten sth.
to flattento flatterto flatter so.
to flatulateto flauntto flaunt
to flauntto flavor ofto flavor
to flawto flawto flaw
to flayto flayto flay sb.
to flayto fleckto fledge
to fleeto fleeto fleece (sheep)
to fleece sb.to fleetto fleet
to flesh outto fletchto flex
to flick (the ball)to flick a knife opento flick through
to flickerto flinchto flinch
to flinch (from)to fling downto fling into prison
to fling open (doorto fling outto fling the gauntlet
to fling the window opento flingto flip
to flip (over)to flip a cointo flip horizontal
to flip offto flip opento flip out
to flip verticalto flirtto flirt (with)
to flirtto flitto flit
to flitterto floatto float
to floatto floatto float downriver
to flocculateto flock to sb.to flog
to flog sth.to flog to deathto flood
to floodto floodto flood
to floodlightto flopto flop
to flopto flopto flounce
to flounderto flounderto flounder
to flourishto floutto flout
to flout (conventions)to flowto flow (into)
to flow by headsto flow into flow into
to flow offto flow outto flow out
to flow roundto flow throughto flow through
to flow toto flow togetherto fluctuate
to fluctuateto fluffto fluidify
to flummoxto flunk a testto flunk
to flunkto fluoresceto fluoridate
to flurryto flushto flush
to flushto flushto flush
to flushto flush downto flush the toilet
to flushto flusterto fluster
to flute (bird)to flutter
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