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to flutter a kissto flyto fly a glider
to fly a kiteto fly a missionto fly away
to fly awayto fly backto fly into a passion
to fly off at a tangentto fly off the handleto fly out
to fly overto fly roundto fly the flag
to fly thereto fly throughto fly to
to fly to Germanyto flyto flyblow
to foalto foam (up)to foam at the mouth
to foam overto foamto fob
to fob off sb. with sth.to focalizeto focus
to focusto focusto fog
to fogto fogto fog
to fog the issueto fog upto foil
to foistto foist sth. on sb.to fold
to foldto fold (near the edge)to fold a blanket
to fold backto fold togetherto fold up
to foldto foldto foliate
to followto followto follow
to followto followto follow a train of thoughts
to follow a trendto follow a trendto follow after sth.
to follow an unswerving courseto follow certain modelsto follow sb.
to follow upto follow upto follow up
to followto fomentto foment
to fondleto fondleto fool
to foolto fool aboutto fool around
to fool aroundto fool sb. out of sth.to foot it
to foot the billto foot the billto footnote
to foozleto forageto foray
to forbearto forbidto force an issue
to force apartto force feedto force on
to force oneselfto force oneself on sb.to force oneself to smile
to force opento force opento force sb. onto the defensiv
to force sb. to turn backto force sth. apartto force sth. through
to force the paceto force throughto force
to forceto fordto fordo
to forearmto forebodeto forebode
to forecastto forecloseto foredoom
to foregatherto foregoto forego
to forejudgeto foreknowto foreordain
to foreseeto foreshadowto foreshorten
to foreshortento forestallto forestall sb.
to forestall sth.to foretellto foretoken
to forewarnto forfeitto forfeit
to forfeit sth.to forfendto forge
to forgeto forgeto forge
to forge a chequeto forge aheadto forget oneself
to forgetto forgiveto forjudge
to forkto forkto fork (hay)
to fork (to the) leftto fork outto fork up
to formto formto form a coalition
to form a cordon around the buto form a group round sb.-sth.to form a line
to form a symbiotic relationshto form a tableauto form a united front
to form a view onto form an integrated work of to form an opinion
to form an opinion (about)to form backto form into
to form into crystalsto form upto form verdigris
to formalizeto formatto formate
to formulateto fornicateto forsake
to forsaketo forswearto fortify
to fortifyto fortifyto fortify (wine)
to forwardto forwardto forward
to forwardto forwardto forward space
to forward-biasto fossickto fossilize
to fossilizeto fosterto foster
to fosterto foster a childto foul
to foul upto foulto found
to foundto founderto founder
to founderto fox
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