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to give sb. a dressing-downto give sb. a good hidingto give sb. a hard time
to give sb. a head startto give sb. a helping handto give sb. a level look
to give sb. a liftto give sb. a medical certificto give sb. a new lease of lif
to give sb. a pep talkto give sb. a piece of your mito give sb. a rap on the knuck
to give sb. a raw dealto give sb. a slugto give sb. a smile
to give sb. a square dealto give sb. a tipto give sb. a tongue-lashing
to give sb. a warm receptionto give sb. a whackto give sb. a whipping
to give sb. a wiggingto give sb. an advance warningto give sb. an edge
to give sb. an enemato give sb. an ovationto give sb. an understanding o
to give sb. as good as one getto give sb. biased informationto give sb. cover
to give sb. credit for sth.to give sb. delightto give sb. drugs
to give sb. extra time to pay to give sb. hellto give sb. hell
to give sb. his cueto give sb. his cueto give sb. information about
to give sb. moneyto give sb. moral supportto give sb. power of attorney
to give sb. short shriftto give sb. sth.to give sb. the bill
to give sb. the birdto give sb. the low-downto give sb. the slip
to give sb. the strapto give sb. the third degreeto give sb. their marching ord
to give sb. upto give sb. up for deadto give sb. up for lost
to give sb.-sth. a tryto give shadeto give short shrift
to give so. a lessonto give so. a nodto give so. a prompt
to give so. a scareto give so. a sermonto give so. a treat
to give so. as good as one getto give so. the benefit of theto give so. the bird
to give so. the come-onto give so. the doubleto give so. the sack
to give so. up for adoptionto give sth. (top) priorityto give sth. a careful perusal
to give sth. a general overhauto give sth. a new lease of lito give sth. a plug
to give sth. a trialto give sth. a twitchto give sth. individuality and
to give sth. into custody (in to give sth. upto give thanks
to give the alarmto give the alertto give the ball away
to give the finishing touchesto give the gist of sth.to give the impression
to give the main pointsto give the okayto give the stick
to give three cheers for sb.to give tongueto give up
to give upto give up doing sth.to give up hope
to give upto give upto give utterance to sth.
to give voice (to)to give wayto give way to sb. (on a matte
to give wayto giveto give
to giveto giveto give
to givers and the takersto gladdento glamorise
to glamorizeto glanceto glance through
to glareto glareto glare (at)
to glass bead blastto glazeto glaze
to glazeto glazeto glaze
to glaze overto gleamto gleam
to gleamto gleanto glean
to gleanto glideto glide away
to glimmerto glimpseto glimpse (at)
to glintto glintto glisten
to glistento glitterto gloat
to gloatto gloat (on, over)to globalize
to glomto glorifyto glory (in)
to gloss overto gloss overto glow
to glow (with)to glowerto glue
to glue (together)to glue onto glut
to glutto glut oneself (with food)to gnash
to gnaw awayto gnaw offto go (deer-) stalking
to go (to) seedto go a long way roundto go about it carefully
to go about it skilfullyto go abroadto go across the road
to go aheadto go ahead of sb.to go ahead of sb.
to go all the wayto go all the wayto go all-out
to go alongto go along withto go and lose
to go astrayto go astrayto go at a crawl
to go awayto go away (off) on businessto go away for Easter
to go away on a tripto go awayto go away
to go awryto go backto go back
to go backto go backpackingto go backwards
to go backwardsto go badto go bad
to go badlyto go bail forto go bald
to go ballisticto go bananas
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