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to go bangto go bankruptto go bankrupt
to go battyto go beggingto go begging
to go behind the houseto go belly upto go berserk
to go berserkto go beyond the scope ofto go blind
to go bonkersto go bustto go by bus
to go by planeto go by taxito go by train
to go by trainto go by tramto go camping
to go climbingto go clip-clop (hoofs)to go commando
to go crackersto go cuckooto go dancing
to go downto go downto go down
to go down (well)to go down fightingto go down for a count
to go down in historyto go down the drain (money)to go down the tubes
to go down well with sb.to go downto go down
to go downhillto go downmarketto go downstairs
to go easy onto go easy on resourcesto go first
to go fishingto go for a 5-km runto go for a blow
to go for a burtonto go for a driveto go for a meal
to go for a peeto go for a picnicto go for a ramble
to go for a rideto go for a run in the carto go for a sail
to go for a songto go for a spinto go for a stroll
to go for a walkto go for a walk lasting an hoto go for a walk
to go for the jugularto go franticto go from Dresden
to go from one extreme to the to go gagato go haywire
to go haywireto go home for the weekendto go hungry
to go hungryto go huntingto go in for sports
to go in front of the houseto go in single fileto go in
to go insaneto go intoto go into (the) hospital
to go into a declineto go into a huddleto go into a state of euphoria
to go into a tranceto go into actionto go into administration
to go into business for oneselto go into detailsto go into effect
to go into extra timeto go into hystericsto go into it
to go into productionto go into raptures (aboutto go into reverse
to go into schoolto go into the ditchto go into the matter
to go into townto go like a bull at a gateto go limp
to go loopyto go madto go mushrooming
to go non-stopto go nutsto go off the rails
to go off to playto go off without a hitchto go off
to go offto go onto go on
to go on a bustto go on a courseto go on a date
to go on a pilgrimageto go on a pub crawlto go on a shopping spree
to go on a splurgeto go on a spreeto go on a treasure hunt
to go on aboutto go on livingto go on patrol
to go on stageto go on striketo go on strike
to go on talkingto go on the defensiveto go on the pull
to go on the rampageto go on the warpathto go on to the next point
to go on tourto go on withto go out
to go outto go outto go out
to go out (fire)to go out in a twosometo go out of business
to go out of shapeto go out of vogueto go out
to go overto go overto go over into sth.
to go over to sb.-sth.to go past sb.to go phut
to go postalto go roundto go round
to go shoppingto go south for the winterto go south
to go stag (to a party)to go staleto go stale
to go steady withto go straight forwardto go supersonic
to go the long way roundto go the paceto go there
to go throughto go through a bad patchto go through a crisis
to go through a difficult patcto go through thick and thin wto go through
to go throughto go to (great) expenseto go to a concert
to go to a higher authorityto go to a lectureto go to a museum
to go to a spato go to bedto go to bed
to go to bed (early) with the to go to churchto go to church
to go to collegeto go to heavento go to law
to go to Massto go to meetto go to pieces
to go to piecesto go to rackto go to ruin
to go to seedto go to sleepto go to the dogs
to go to the dogsto go to the happy hunting gro
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