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to haul offto haul offto haul out
to haul upto hauntto haunt
to hauntto have (a) temperatureto have (hold
to have ...to have a (good) rave-upto have a bad cold
to have a bad nameto have a bad reputationto have a bad time
to have a barbecue in the gardto have a bathto have a belly full of sth.
to have a bias against sb.to have a bias towards sth.to have a bigger fish to fry
to have a binding agreementto have a bit on the sideto have a blackout (loss of me
to have a bone to pick with sbto have a brass neckto have a break
to have a chatto have a clean slateto have a close look at sth.
to have a confession to maketo have a craving for sth.to have a crush on sb.
to have a deadlineto have a delicate tasteto have a disposition to ...
to have a diuretic effectto have a drinkto have a favourable effect on
to have a fertile imaginationto have a field dayto have a fight with sb.
to have a finger in every pieto have a fixation about sth.to have a fling at
to have a full figureto have a full scheduleto have a good (bad) reputatio
to have a good mind toto have a good skiveto have a great influx (of peo
to have a great rapport with sto have a great triumphto have a haircut
to have a hard struggle with sto have a high entertainment vto have a high opinion of ones
to have a holidayto have a house builtto have a housewarming party
to have a kind heartto have a knock backto have a lasting effect on
to have a lasting effectto have a laughing fitto have a loathing of sth.
to have a loathing of sth.to have a long close look at sto have a long shelf life
to have a longing (for)to have a longingto have a loose tongue
to have a lot in commonto have a lot of friendsto have a low blood sugar leve
to have a low necklineto have a lucky escapeto have a majority
to have a manicureto have a mealto have a motion
to have a narrow escapeto have a nervous breakdownto have a nibble
to have a nose jobto have a pair of brass ballsto have a party
to have a passing acquaintanceto have a passion for sth.to have a picnic
to have a pile of things to doto have a piston seizureto have a place where one can
to have a Pollyanna view (of tto have a positive appearance to have a positive appearance
to have a postal voteto have a prejudice against stto have a presentiment
to have a raceto have a ready tongueto have a real go at each othe
to have a red castto have a reputation forto have a ride on the merry-go
to have a shelf lifeto have a shoeshineto have a shuffling gait
to have a sixth sense (for sthto have a skeleton in the cupbto have a snack
to have a snackto have a snowball fightto have a sore throat
to have a splendid timeto have a stable family backgrto have a strange effect
to have a stroke of luckto have a sudden inspirationto have a talent for drawing
to have a talent for organizatto have a tendency towards depto have a thick skin
to have a thinkto have a tiltto have a tough job
to have a try at sth.to have a whack at sth.to have a wide reach (marketin
to have a wide-ranging knowledto have access (to)to have all lights blazing in
to have ambitions of getting sto have an accent, you could cto have an artistic dispositio
to have an artistic dispositioto have an effect (on)to have an effect (on)
to have an experienceto have an inherited defectto have an interest (in)
to have an invention patentedto have an involvement with sbto have an open mind
to have an open outcome (proceto have an orgasmto have an unbalanced diet
to have antique valueto have been charged (with)to have been previously convic
to have been up to sth.to have big ideasto have brains
to have breakfastto have business relations witto have charge of sth.
to have chosen (designated) sbto have command of an armyto have committed to do sth.
to have compassion onto have completed secondary moto have confidence in sb.
to have conflicting feelingsto have connectionsto have contractions
to have definite views on ...to have difficulty in finding to have difficulty in walking
to have experience in sth.to have external effectsto have extrovert tendecies
to have fallen out (with)to have far-reaching consequento have fast reactions
to have feet of clayto have gone off wellto have good suspension
to have goose pimplesto have got the knack of ...to have great fun
to have great powers of endurato have great respect forto have half-board
to have health insuranceto have high blood pressureto have illusions
to have in mindto have in mindto have in stock
to have it off with so.to have it out with sb.to have itchy feet
to have its sourceto have keen sensesto have money to burn
to have no business beingto have no business to be someto have no clue what to do
to have no connection with eacto have no edge
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