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to have no illusions about ...to have no inkling of sth.to have no intention to do sth
to have no knowledgeto have no money on oneselfto have no prospects
to have no reason for sth.to have no redress in lawto have no regrets
to have no say (in that matterto have no scruple about doingto have no stamina
to have no staying powerto have nothing in commonto have nothing to show
to have nowhere to stayto have occasion toto have on
to have one over the eightto have orgiesto have other irons in the fir
to have passed off smoothlyto have people stayingto have pity on sb.
to have plenty of timeto have pneumoconiosisto have prescriptive status
to have pride of placeto have Protestant beliefsto have ready
to have recourse toto have regretsto have reservations
to have sb. in mind forto have sb. on a stringto have sb. on
to have sb. pegged asto have sb. wake one upto have sb.-sth. taped
to have schizoid tendenciesto have sex with sb.to have sexual intercourse
to have sharp elbowsto have siestato have signatory power
to have sole parental responsito have some influence (on)to have sth. (nothing) to show
to have sth. collectedto have sth. handyto have sth. in stock
to have sth. readyto have sth. to do withto have sth. transferred to sb
to have strong feelings aboutto have successto have success
to have taken drugsto have the ballto have the blues
to have the car undersealedto have the courage to do sth.to have the edge on ...
to have the fluto have the force of lawto have the good sense to do s
to have the guts to do sth.to have the honor toto have the moxie
to have the nerveto have the rest of the day ofto have the right pedigree (fo
to have the runsto have the upper handto have things firmly under co
to have toto have to attend schoolto have to be registered
to have to bite the bulletto have to come with sb.to have to do with
to have to goto have to look after oneselfto have to return
to have to swallow a bitter pito have too much pride to do sto have travelled a lot
to have visions (of)to have wide intereststo have word from
to haveto hawto hawk
to hawk about (around)to hazardto haze (by humiliating tasks)
to headto headto head
to head (for)to head a goalto head back
to head forto head forto head off
to head upto head-lead the table on goalto headbutt sb.
to headhuntto healto heal (up)
to heal upto heapto heap flattery on
to heap reproaches onto heap upto heap up
to hear a caseto hear a witnessto hear on the radio
to hearto hearto hear
to hearken (to)to heartento heat
to heatto heat upto heave
to heaveto heave a sigh (of relief)to heave to
to heaveto heckleto heckle
to heckleto hectorto heddle
to hedgeto hedgeto hedge against sth.
to hedgeto hedgehopto heed
to heelto heftto heft
to heightento heightento heist
to held on remandto helpto help on
to help oneselfto help oneselfto help out
to help sb. (along)to help throughto help to get away
to help to solve a crimeto help upto hem
to hemto hemto hem
to hemto hem and hawto hempen
to henpeckto heraldto herald in
to herdto hesitate (about)to heterodyne
to hewto hewto hew
to hexto hibernateto hiccup
to hide and seekto hideto hide
to hieto highlightto highlight
to hijackto hijack an aircraftto hike
to hike upto hiketo hinder
to hinderto hinder (from)to hinder so. in sth.
to hinge (on)to hint (at)to hire
to hireto hire
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