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to hireto hire outto hire sb.
to hireto hissto historicize
to hit each otherto hit hardto hit home
to hit on sb.to hit rock bottomto hit so.
to hit the ball outto hit the ceilingto hit the hay
to hit the jackpotto hit the jackpot (with)to hit the mark
to hit the nail on the headto hit the roofto hit the sack
to hit the targetto hit uponto hit
to hitto hitto hitch
to hitchhiketo hive (bees)to hive off
to hive offto hive offto hoard
to hoaxto hobbleto hobble
to hobbleto hobnob (with)to hock
to hoe (in the garden)to hog the limelightto hog
to hogtieto hogtieto hoist
to hoistto hoist outto hoist
to holdto hold (keep) sth. in suspensto hold (point) sth. out to sb
to hold a licenceto hold a meetingto hold a meeting
to hold a mirror up to sb.to hold a poseto hold a share in a business
to hold an appointmentto hold backto hold back
to hold before sb.to hold downto hold each other
to hold electionsto hold handsto hold in pledge
to hold in trustto hold officeto hold on
to hold oneself apartto hold oneself in readinessto hold oneself onto sth.
to hold onto sth.to hold outto hold out
to hold outto hold out the prospect of stto hold over (till)
to hold proceedingsto hold readyto hold sb. at bay
to hold sb. captiveto hold sb. hostage (to sth.)to hold sb. responsible for
to hold sharesto hold so. in great respectto hold so. in high regard
to hold so. in respectto hold steadyto hold sth.
to hold sth. against sb.to hold sth. at bayto hold sth. in a tenacious gr
to hold sth. in high regardto hold sth. in readinessto hold sth. in trust
to hold the balanceto hold the fortto hold the record
to hold the reinsto hold tightto hold together
to hold upto hold upto hold up to ridicule
to hold upto holdto hold
to holdto holdto hole
to holeto holeto hole up
to hollerto hollow outto hollow out
to home in on a targetto home in on sth.to homogenize
to homologateto honeto hone
to honeto honkto honor
to honorto honourto hoodwink
to hoodwinkto hoofto hook (into)
to hook sb.to hook upto hook up
to hook up sb.to hootto hoot
to hootto hoot (owl)to hoot down
to hoot with delightto hopto hop
to hopeto hope forto hope for the best
to hope secretlyto horripilateto horse around
to horsetradeto hose downto hose out
to hospitalizeto hostto host
to hot-swapto houndto hound sb. out of the house
to houseto house-sitto house
to hoverto hoverto hover between life and deat
to howkto howlto huddle
to huddle againstto huddle togetherto huddle together
to huddle upto huffto huff
to hugto hugto hug each other
to hug fond hopesto hug the fireto hull
to humto humto hum
to humanizeto humbleto humble
to humble oneselfto humbugto humidify
to humiliateto humpto hump up
to humpto hunchto hunch up
to hungerto hunker downto hunt
to huntto hunt out
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