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to hunt the thimbleto hurlto hurl
to hurl defianceto hurl sth. at sb.to hurl violently
to hurryto hurryto hurry ahead
to hurry awayto hurry downstairsto hurt
to hurt sb.to hurtto hurt
to hurtto hurtleto hurtle down
to husbandto hushto hush
to hushto hush (up)to husk
to hustleto hustleto hustle
to hustleto hustle things onto hustle
to hustleto hybridizeto hydrate
to hydrogenateto hydrolyzeto hype
to hype upto hyperventilateto hyperventilate over sth.
to hypnotizeto hypothecateto hypothesize
to iceto ice-skateto ice
to idealizeto identifyto identify
to identify Islam with terrorito identify sth. with sth. elsto identify
to idleto idleto idle away
to idolizeto idolizeto ignite
to igniteto igniteto ignore
to ignore (completely)to ignore a remarkto ignore evidence
to ignore the smoking banto ill-treatto ill-use
to ill-useto illuminateto illuminate
to illuminateto illumineto illustrate
to illustrateto IMto image
to imagineto imagine sb. to be sth.to imagine sth.
to imbedto imbedto imbibe
to imbibeto imbibeto imbibe
to imbricateto imbrueto imbue
to imbueto imbueto imitate
to immerseto immigrateto immiserate
to immobilize a limbto immobilize-immobiliseto immobilize
to immolateto immortalizeto immunise
to immureto impactto impact
to impact negativelyto impact onto impact on
to impairto impairto impale
to impartto impartto impart
to impart (to)to impart knowledge to sb.to impeach
to impedeto impedeto impel
to impelto impel into actionto impel sb. to do sth.
to impendto impendto impend
to imperilto impersonateto impersonate
to impersonateto impersonate sb.to impinge
to impingeto impinge (on)to impinge (on
to implantto implantto implant sth. in sb.
to implantto implementto implement
to implementto implement a strategyto implicate
to implicateto implicate sb. in sth.to implode
to imploreto imploreto imply
to implyto implyto imply
to implyto importto importune
to imposeto imposeto impose (on sb.)
to impose a curfewto impose a measure terminatinto impose a penalty
to impose a restrictionto impose a tax (on)to impose a tax on sth.
to impose an alcohol banto impose law and orderto impose on sb.
to impose sth. on sb.to impoundto impound a document
to impoundto impoverishto impoverish
to imprecateto impregnateto impregnate
to impressto impress (sb.)to impress sb. deeply
to imprintto imprintto imprint
to imprisonto improveto improve
to improviseto improvise on a themeto impugn
to imputeto inactivateto inaugurate
to inaugurateto inaugurateto inaugurate
to inbreedto incapacitateto incapacitate
to incapacitateto incapacitateto incapacitate
to incarcerateto incarnate
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