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to incenseto inchto inch
to incinerateto incinerateto incise
to inciteto inciteto incite (to)
to inclineto incline toward one anotherto inclose
to includeto includeto include
to includeto include an amountto include in the insurance
to incommodeto inconvenienceto inconvenience
to incorporateto incorporateto incorporate (into)
to incorporateto increaseto increase (to
to increase (toto increase a counterto increase by 2%
to increase by 20%to increase her knowledge of fto increase in strength
to increase in valueto increase tenfoldto increase the price
to increaseto incrementto incriminate
to incriminateto incubateto incubate
to inculcateto inculpateto incur
to incur a fine (a penalty)to incur a lossto incur a risk
to incur censureto incur displeasureto incur liabilities
to incur lossesto incur sth.to indemnify (against
to indemnify (for)to indemnify and hold sb. harmto indent
to indentto indentto indent (text)
to indent on sb. for sth.to indentureto index
to indicateto indicateto indicate
to indicateto indicateto indict (for)
to indisposeto inditeto individualize
to indoctrinateto induceto induce
to induceto induceto induce labour
to induce sb. to do sth.to inductto induct
to indulgeto indulgeto indulge
to indulgeto indulgeto indulge in
to indulge in reminiscencesto indulge in sth.to indurate
to industrializeto industrialize an areato indwell
to inebriateto infantilizeto infatuate
to infectto infectto infer (from)
to infestto infestto infest
to infiltrateto infiltrateto infiltrate
to infiltrateto infiltrate spies (agents)to infix
to inflameto inflameto inflame
to inflateto inflateto inflate
to inflectto inflectto inflict
to influenceto influenceto influence sb.
to infoldto informto inform (against sb.
to inform (ofto inform in advanceto inform sb. knowledgeably
to infringeto infringe a patentto infringe a rule
to infringe a trade markto infuriateto infuriate
to infuseto infuseto infuse
to infuseto infuse sth. into sb.to ingest
to ingrainto ingratiateto ingratiate oneself (with)
to inhabitto inhaleto inhere in sth.
to inherit (from)to inhibitto initial
to initializeto initiateto initiate
to initiateto initiateto initiate legal proceedings
to initiate sb. into sth.to initiateto inject
to injectto injectto inject
to injureto injureto injure
to inkto ink (a contract)to inlay
to inlayto innervateto innervate
to innovateto inoculateto input
to inquire into the merits of to inquireto inquire
to inquireto inscribeto inscribe
to inscribe (on)to inscribe (on)to inscribe sth. to sb.
to inseminateto inseminate artificiallyto insert
to insertto insertto insert a CD
to insert contactsto insetto insinuate
to insist (on)to insist on doing sth.to inspect
to inspectto inspect a boilerto inspect and approve
to inspect sth. for sth.to inspectto inspire
to inspire sb.to inspire
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