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to irradiateto irrigateto irrigate
to irritateto irruptto isolate
to isolateto issueto issue
to issueto issueto issue
to issueto issue a communiqueto issue a decree
to issue a disclaimerto issue a temporary injunctioto issue an invoice (for)
to issue fromto itto italicize
to itchto itemizeto iterate
to itinerateto jabto jabber
to jackto jack upto jack up (a car)
to jacketto jadeto jail
to jamto jamto jam
to jam on the brakesto jam togetherto jangle
to jangleto jarto jar
to jar (againstto jar (on sb.)to jaunt
to jaywalkto jazz upto jelly
to jellyto jeopardiseto jeopardize
to jerkto jerkto jerk
to jerry-buildto jestto jet
to jet (off to)to jettisonto jettison
to jettison (from ship)to jibto jib in
to jibeto jigto jiggle
to jiltto jingleto jink
to jinxto jitterto jitter
to jitterbugto jiveto jockey (for)
to jogto jogto jog
to jog onto joggleto joggle
to joggleto jointo join
to jointo jointo join
to jointo join (a club)to join (in)
to join (take) issue with sb.to join (toto join a different sickness f
to join a partyto join an allianceto join company with so.
to join in singingto join in the gameto join in
to join the armyto join the end of the queueto join the navy
to join togetherto join togetherto join together
to join up (formation)to join with a lock seamto join
to jointto jointto joke
to joke (about)to joke aroundto jol
to jolly (along) sb.to jolly upto jolt
to joltto joltto jolt sb. into action
to joshto joshto jostle
to jostle (against each other)to jot down a few notesto jot down
to jounceto journalizeto journey
to journey onto joustto joyride
to jubilateto judderto judge
to judge (by)to judge by appearancesto juggle
to jumbleto jumpto jump
to jumpto jump a courseto jump a red light
to jump at the chanceto jump for joyto jump forward
to jump offto jump offto jump on (to) the bandwagon
to jump outto jump outto jump over
to jump overto jump roundto jump the gun
to jump the gunto jump the queueto jump to conclusions
to jump upto jump-startto junk
to justifyto justifyto justify
to jut outto jutto juxtapose
to kayakto keel overto keel over
to keelhaulto keepto keep (prevent
to keep a berthto keep a diaryto keep a good understanding
to keep a lookoutto keep a low profileto keep a register
to keep a secretto keep a stiff upper lipto keep a stiff upper lip
to keep a stiff upper lipto keep a straight faceto keep a tally of
to keep a termto keep a watch onto keep abreast of the times
to keep aliveto keep aloofto keep aloof from
to keep an appointmentto keep an eye on sb.to keep an eye on sth.
to keep an eye onto keep an offer opento keep apart
to keep at itto keep away
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