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to keep awayto keep backto keep bad company
to keep booksto keep bright and healthyto keep clean
to keep coolto keep disciplineto keep early hours
to keep fitto keep freeto keep goal
to keep going in the same direto keep hensto keep house
to keep houseto keep imprisonedto keep in check
to keep in contact with sb.to keep in good repairto keep in leading-strings
to keep in lineto keep in practiceto keep in the dark
to keep in touchto keep in with sb.to keep it private
to keep late hoursto keep lookoutto keep money in the bank
to keep on talkingto keep onto keep open
to keep orderto keep out (of)to keep safe
to keep sb. aliveto keep sb. clued upto keep sb. in ignorance of st
to keep sb. in leading stringsto keep sb. informedto keep sb. on the backburner
to keep sb. under observationto keep secretto keep secrets from sb.
to keep separateto keep shutto keep so. in the loop
to keep sth. going , keep gointo keep sth. in mindto keep sth. in mind
to keep sth. runningto keep sth. safeto keep still
to keep stillto keep stillto keep straight on
to keep tab onto keep the ballto keep the ball moving
to keep the minutesto keep the proper distanceto keep the show rolling
to keep the wolf from the doorto keep things to oneselfto keep time
to keep to the rightto keep track (of)to keep track of
to keep track of coststo keep track of sth.to keep under control
to keep upto keep up (with)to keep up appearances
to keep upto keep upto keep vigil (over sb.)
to keep warmto keep watchto keep within (reasonable) li
to keepto keepto keep
to keepto keepto keep
to keepto kennelto key
to keyto kibbleto kibosh
to kickto kickto kick
to kickto kick (horse)to kick in (door)
to kick offto kick offto kick out
to kick over the tracesto kick sb.to kick sb. in the shin
to kick the ball aroundto kick the bucketto kick up a fuss
to kick up a rowto kidto kidnap
to kidnap sb.to killto kill
to kill gameto kill off (jobs)to kill off (weeds)
to kill timeto kill two birds with one stoto kill
to kindleto kindleto kindle
to kinkto kipto kipper
to kissto kiss assto kiss the cup
to kiteto kneadto knead
to knead (into)to kneelto knight
to knight sb.to knit two plain, two purlto knit
to knock (at)to knock atto knock at the door
to knock backto knock downto knock down
to knock flyingto knock offto knock off
to knock off sb.to knock offto knock on wood
to knock overto knock overto knock over
to knock overto knock sb. outto knock sb. up
to knock togetherto knock up a womanto knockabout
to knotto knotto knot
to knotto knotto knot
to know about lifeto know for certain that ...to know from hearsay
to know in advanceto know inside outto know no pity
to know sb. by sightto know sb. personallyto know sb. slightly
to know sth. by heartto know the placeto know the ropes
to know the ropesto know what one is doingto know
to knowto knuckle down (to it)to knuckle down to it
to knuckle under (to sb.)to knurlto kock off
to kock upto kowtow (to sb.)to label
to labelto label sb. asto labour along
to labourto labourto lace
to laceto laceto lace a drink
to lace oneself upto lace up
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