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to lacerateto lacerateto lacerate
to lack (of)to lack spaceto lack sth.
to lackto lacquerto lactate
to ladeto ladeto ladle (from)
to ladle offto ladle out (of)to lag
to lagto lagto lag
to lagto lagto lag behind
to lag behind in developmentto lager-loutto lair
to lamto lambto lambaste
to lambasteto lameto lament
to lamentto lamentto laminate
to laminateto laminateto lampoon
to landto land casingto land sb. one
to landto landscape sth.to languish
to languishto languish (for)to lap
to lapto lapto lap
to lapto lapseto lapse
to lapseto lapseto lard
to lardto lark aboutto larrup
to lashto lashto lash
to lash (againstto lash (on)to lash into sb.
to lash oneselfto lastto last
to last foreverto last outto last
to latchto latchto latch
to latch on to sb.to latch on toto latch on
to latherto latticeto laud
to laugh atto launchto launch
to launchto launchto launch
to launch a charm offensive (oto launderto launder money
to laveto lavishto lavish sth. on sb.
to lay about oneto lay asideto lay aside
to lay cableto lay claim to sth.to lay claim to
to lay downto lay downto lay down
to lay downto lay down a shipto lay hands upon oneself
to lay into lay in a stockto lay into sb.
to lay lowto lay offto lay off (work)
to lay off workersto lay onto lay oneself open to attack
to lay oneself under a treeto lay opento lay out
to lay outto lay out a libraryto lay out an area for cultiva
to lay out ready (for)to lay someone lowto lay tiles
to lay trackto lay turfto lay up
to layto layto layer
to layerto layerto layer
to lazeto laze aroundto leach
to leachto leach outto leach
to lead a modest lifeto lead a Spartan lifeto lead a withdrawn life
to lead awayto lead awayto lead back
to lead into temptationto lead nowhereto lead off in the round dance
to lead out (of)to lead overto lead sb. astray
to lead sb. by the noseto lead sb. on to ...to lead sb. to believe in sth.
to lead sb. to do sth.to lead sb. up the garden pathto lead the way
to lead toto lead toto lead to sth.
to lead to troubleto lead toto lead to
to lead upto leadto lead
to leadto leadto leaf through
to leagueto leakto leak
to leakto leakto leak out
to leak outto lean (against)to lean (on)
to lean againstto lean against the wallto lean back
to lean on sb.to lean outto lean out of the window
to lean towardsto leanto lean
to leap for joyto leap upto leap
to leapto learn a lessonto learn a trade
to learn by heartto learn fromto learn German
to learn how to swimto learn more precise detailsto learn sth.
to learn the stringsto learn to love sb.-sth.to learn vocabulary
to learnto learn
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