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to lease (from)to lease out (to)to leave
to leaveto leave (as security)to leave (the country)
to leave a firmto leave a lasting impression to leave a margin
to leave a messageto leave a problem (on one sidto leave a scar
to leave a wound unattendedto leave aloneto leave alone
to leave behindto leave behindto leave blank
to leave for goodto leave land fallowto leave little to be desired
to leave much to be desiredto leave no doubtto leave on
to leave opento leave outto leave sb. a legacy of sth.
to leave sb. aloneto leave sb. in the lurchto leave sb. in the lurch
to leave sb. unattendedto leave sb. untouchedto leave slightly open
to leave sth. behindto leave sth. out of considerato leave sth. to chance
to leave sth. unattendedto leave sth.to leave the country
to leave the peas to soak overto leave the shipto leave undone
to leaveto leaveto leave
to leavento lectureto lecture on
to leechto leer (at)to leer (at)
to legalizeto legislateto legitimize
to legitimizeto lend a handto lend and borrow
to lend on pawnto lend outto lend
to lendto lengthento lessen
to let a business deal goto let a machine idleto let a matter rest
to let aloneto let an opportunity pass byto let away
to let bygones be bygonesto let downto let drop
to let goto let into let know
to let offto let offto let off
to let oneself ...to let oneself goto let out
to let out a yellto let passto let repair (by)
to let restto let roomsto let sb. down
to let sb. go firstto let sb. knowto let sb. out on parole
to let some air into let sth. aloneto let sth. be known
to let sth. goto let sth. goto let sth. go
to let sth. on a leaseto let sth. showto let sth. slide
to let sth. work into let the body go limpto let the genie out of the bo
to let things driftto let things slideto let you know
to letto letto letter a book
to levelto levelto level (at
to level downto level offto level off (at)
to level outto level outto level to the ground
to level upto leverto lever
to leverageto leverage sth.to levitate
to levitateto levyto levy (an army)
to levy (tax)to levy a dutyto levy tax on sth.
to liaiseto libelto liberalize
to liberateto liberateto license
to licenseto lickto lick off
to lick out (of)to lick sb. into shapeto lie about
to lie aheadto lie at anchorto lie awake
to lie dormantto lie fallowto lie flat (against)
to lie in ambushto lie in storehouseto lie in wait (for)
to lie inbetweento lie motionlessto lie next to each other
to lie on top of each otherto lie proneto lie quiet
to lie spread-eagledto lie toto lie to so.
to lie uncomfortablyto lie unconsciousto lie under a tree
to lie underneathto lieto lift
to liftto liftto lift
to lift (up)to lift a loadto lift down
to lift offto lift outto lift the alcohol ban
to lift the receiverto ligateto light a cigarette
to light a fireto light a matchto light up
to lightto lightto light
to lightento lightento lighten
to like sb.-sth.to like to do sth.to like to munch on pizza
to likento liltto limber up
to limeto limit (to)to limp
to lineto lineto line
to line a braketo line dance
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