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to line upto lineto linearize
to lingerto lingerto linger
to linger on a subjectto linkto link
to link arms withto link upto lionize sb.
to lipreadto liquefyto liquidate
to liquidateto liquidateto lisp
to listto listto list
to listto listen (to)to listen (to)
to listen (to)to listen attentivelyto listen in
to listen in toto listen toto listen to
to listen to sb.-sth.to listen to the radioto listen up
to lithographto litigateto litter
to litterto liveto live (in)
to live (on)to live apartto live at ease
to live by breadto live down underto live extravagantly
to live far from hometo live fastto live for the moment
to live in a carefree mannerto live in bigamyto live in close companionship
to live in close touch with nato live in cloverto live in comfort
to live in herdsto live in perfect harmonyto live in reduced circumstanc
to live in townto live like a lordto live modestly
to live on charityto live on othersto live on the edge
to live on the fat of the landto live on tickto live on
to live onto live outto live out of town
to live outto live outside Leipzigto live surrounded by greenery
to live the life to the fullto live throughto live together
to live togetherto live under the roofto live up to sth.
to live upto livento liven up
to liven upto liven upto liven up
to loadto loadto load
to loadto load upto load
to loafto loanto loathe
to lobto lobbyto localize
to locateto locateto locate
to locateto locateto lock
to lockto lock awayto lock nuts
to lock oneself outto lock outto lock up
to lockto lockto lock
to lodgeto lodgeto lodge a complaint against p
to lodge a deedto lodge an appealto log
to logto log into log in
to log onto log outto log-off
to loiterto loiterto loiter away
to lollto lollto long (for)
to long forto long to return (to)to look (at
to look (like)to look (there)to look after
to look afterto look afterto look after
to look aheadto look aheadto look around
to look atto look at oneself in the mirrto look at sb. askance
to look awayto look away in disgustto look back
to look backto look blueto look down (at)
to look for a flatto look for a jobto look for a place to stay
to look for sb. to take over tto look forto look forward excitedly
to look forward toto look goodto look happy-sad
to look hereto look importantto look impressive
to look into look in (on)to look in at the window
to look in the mirrorto look intoto look like a plucked chicken
to look outto look outto look out from behind sth.
to look overto look paleto look rosy
to look roundto look sadto look seedy
to look throughto look throughto look up
to look upto look upto look well
to lookupto loomto loom
to loomto loomto loop
to loopto loopto loop
to loop (round)to loop the loopto loopthrough
to looseto looseto loose
to looseto loose off
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