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to make a trickto make a turn to the leftto make a turn to the left
to make a turn to the rightto make a turn to the rightto make a virtue (out) of nece
to make a willto make a willto make absulate
to make advances toto make allowances for sth.to make amends
to make amends for sth.to make amendsto make an advance payment
to make an appointment with sbto make an appraisal of the sito make an April fool of sb.
to make an arrangementto make an assertionto make an effort to do sth.
to make an enquiry (about)to make an error of judgementto make an evening of it
to make an example (of)to make an extradition requestto make an issue of sth.
to make approaches to sb.to make arrangementsto make arrangements for
to make awareto make believeto make certain
to make claims about sth.to make clearto make clear
to make cloudyto make coffeeto make common cause
to make common cause with sb.to make comparisonsto make concessions
to make considerable progressto make contactto make contact (with)
to make cuts (in)to make demandsto make derisive-disparaging r
to make desolateto make difficultto make distinctions
to make do (with)to make dynamicto make enemies
to make enemies ofto make every endeavorto make excuses
to make excusesto make eyes at sb.to make fall
to make fastto make feel ashamedto make flourishes
to make friendsto make full use ofto make fun of
to make fun ofto make fun ofto make generalizations
to make good a mistaketo make good economic senseto make good progress
to make good the damageto make happyto make hay
to make hay while the sun shinto make history etc. tangible to make inquiries (about)
to make inquiries (intoto make insecureto make investigations (about
to make it a ruleto make it convenientto make it quite clear to sb.
to make itself felt for a longto make knownto make leeway
to make life unpleasant for sbto make love to sb.to make matters worse
to make moneyto make money out ofto make more objective
to make more personalto make musicto make no bones about the fac
to make no headwayto make no secret ofto make no secret of sth.
to make noiseto make noiseto make observations (about
to make obvious advancesto make off with sb.to make oneself a playlist
to make oneself comfortableto make oneself pleasant to sbto make oneself ridiculous
to make oneself understood to to make oneself upto make oneself useful
to make outto make outto make out a case for sth.
to make outto make overto make overtures to so.
to make paymentto make permanentto make pregnant
to make preparationsto make profession of a faithto make progress
to make progressto make propaganda forto make provision
to make provisions for sth.to make provisionsto make racist remarks
to make references toto make room (for)to make sacrifices
to make sailto make sb. a present of sth.to make sb. an appealing figur
to make sb. angryto make sb. do sth.to make sb. exempt from sth.
to make sb. happyto make sb. hurry upto make sb. laugh
to make sb. lividto make sb. look like a foolto make sb. look slim
to make sb. redundantto make sb. shyto make sb. sick
to make sb. talkto make sb. wonderto make sense
to make sense of sth.to make short work ofto make smaller
to make some extra profitto make speculationsto make sth. a subject of disc
to make sth. clear to sb.to make sth. difficult for oneto make sth. dirty
to make sth. easy for sb.to make sth. impossibleto make sth. of oneself
to make sth. publicto make sth. publicto make sth. the right tempera
to make sth. worse with so-calto make strange bedfellowsto make stupid
to make sureto make sureto make sure of sth.
to make sure things run smoothto make the best of a bad jobto make the best of sth.
to make the most of oneselfto make the most of sth.to make the point that
to make the roundsto make the skin tingleto make the suggestion that ..
to make tiredto make to measureto make to order
to make towardto make troubleto make up
to make upto make upto make up a balance
to make up a bouquetto make up a storyto make up for
to make up forto make up for lossesto make up for sth.
to make up forto make up leewayto make up leeway
to make up the balanceto make up the numbers for a m
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