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to make up your mindto make upto make use of
to make war onto make whoopeeto make worse
to make young againto make your position clear toto make
to maketo malfunctionto malign
to malingerto maltto maltreat
to maltreatto maltreatto manacle
to manageto manage sth.to manage to grab
to manage withto manageto manage
to mandateto mandateto mandate
to mandate a territory to a coto mangleto mangle
to manhandleto manicureto manicure oneself
to manifestto manifestto manifest
to manifestto manifestto manifest
to manifestto manifest itselfto manifold
to manipulateto manoeuvreto manoeuvre
to mantleto manufactureto manufacture (into)
to manumitto manureto map
to mapto mapto mar
to marto marto maraud
to marbleto marchto march in
to march in stepto march into the semi-finalsto march off
to march outto march pastto march sb. off
to march throughto march to a different drummeto march-off
to marginto marginalizeto marinate
to marinateto markto mark
to markto mark (on)to mark down
to mark offto mark outto mark sth. with a cross
to markto marketto marl
to maroonto maroonto marry
to marry sb. off to sb.to marry sb.to marry well
to marshalto marshal (aircraft)to martyr
to marvelto mashto mash
to mashto mashto mash
to maskto maskto mask a window (before paint
to masqueradeto masquerade as ...to mass
to massto massto mass-produce
to mass-togetherto massacreto massage
to massage into masterto mastermind
to masticateto masturbateto match
to matchto match withto match
to mateto mateto mate
to mateto materializeto materialize
to materializeto matriculateto mature
to matureto matureto mature
to matureto matureto maul
to maunderto maximizeto mean
to mean businessto mean ill byto mean no harm
to mean well byto meanto mean
to meanderto measureto measure again
to measure forto measure offto measure out
to measure outto measure up sb.to measure up to
to measure up to sth.to mechanizeto meddle
to mediate (in)to medicateto meditate
to meditateto meetto meet (the) formal legal req
to meet a needto meet againto meet demands
to meet sb. halfwayto meet sth.to meet the deadline
to meet the delivery dateto meet the highest possible qto meet the requirements
to meet the requirementsto meet the standardto meet with
to meet with a rebuffto meet with a refusalto meet with a square refusal
to meet with an accidentto meet with applauseto meet with general acceptanc
to meet with opposition (from)to meet with resistanceto meet
to meetto meetto meet
to meetto meldto meld (into)
to meld a scoreto meld sth.to meliorate
to mellto mellowto mellow
to meltto meltto melt
to melt (away)to melt (butter)
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