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to modelto model for sb.to model oneself on sb.
to modelto modelto moderate
to moderateto moderate the growing demandto moderate
to modernizeto modifyto modify
to modifyto modifyto modulate
to modulateto modulateto moisten
to moisturizeto molderto molest
to mollifyto mollifyto mollycoddle
to moltto moltto molt
to moltto monetiseto monitor
to monkey aboutto monopolizeto monopolize
to mooto moochto moonlight
to moorto mootto mop
to mopeto moralizeto more than make up for sth.
to morphto mortgageto mortify
to mortifyto mortifyto mortify
to mortifyto mortise (into)to mosey
to mothballto motherto motion
to motivateto motivateto motorize
to mottleto mouldto mould
to mouldto mountto mount
to mountto mount onto mourn
to mourn (forto mournto mouse-click sth.
to moveto moveto move
to moveto move (up) closer togetherto move along
to move awayto move awayto move closer
to move downto move forto move forward
to move further alongto move hand over hand (along to move in
to move in artistic circlesto move in with sb.to move in
to move mountainsto move nearerto move off
to move offto move onto move out
to move outto move out of the relegation to move out
to move togetherto move upto move up
to move upto move up (to)to move up the career ladder
to move up the social ladderto move upto move
to moveto mow a meadowto mow the lawn
to mowto muck about sth.to muck about
to muck around at doing sth.to muck aroundto muck out the stables
to muck sth. upto muck things aboutto muckrake
to muckraketo muddleto muddle
to muddle alongto muddle throughto muddle up
to muddyto muffto muffle
to muffleto muffle (soundto mug
to mugto mulchto mulct
to mulctto mull it overto mull over
to mull wineto multiplexto multiply
to multiply (by)to mumbleto mumble
to mumbleto mummifyto munch
to munchto mung datato municipalize
to murderto murderto murmur
to muse (onto mushroom (up)to must
to musterto musterto muster
to mutateto mutateto mutate
to muteto muteto mute
to mutilateto mutinyto mutter
to muzzleto muzzle so.to my amazement-astonishment
to my complete satisfactionto my delightTo my dismay I discovered that
To my great dismay I noticed tTo my horror I noticed that...To my knowledge ...
to my satisfactionto my sorrowto my surprise
to mystifyto nabto nab
to nagto nagto nail
to nail onto nail upto nail up
to name (after)to napto narcotize
to narrateto narrowto narrow
to narrowto narrowto narrow
to narrow down the choiceto nationalizeto nationalize
to natterto naturalize
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