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We cross that bridge when we cwe denied ourselvesWe do it later.
we do not have ... yetWe drew lots.We enjoy entertaining.
We find your suggestion very cwe get togetherwe got together
We grant a trade of ... % on oWe had a lively time.We had an unscheduled meeting.
We happened to see it.We have 20 students on our rolWe have been given your addres
We have been informed by ... tWe have been informed by ... tWe have been instructed to ...
We have been referred to you bWe have big plans for the new We have no tangible evidence-p
We have our hands full with hiWe have reason to doubt it.we have to ensure
We have to fight it out.We have to go as well.we have to secure
We have to tighten our belts nwe have-had gotten togetherwe helped
We instantly hit it off.We kindly ask for your understWe left no stone unturned.
We look forward to hearing froWe made an unscheduled stop foWe made him talk.
We made it up.We made off.We make assiduous efforts.
We may safely assert that ...We met at night.We must live from hand to mout
We must live within our means.We must make tracks (be off).We must not fall into a victim
We must put off our plans.We must stick together.We need to completely repositi
we offerWe owned that the claim was reWe play for love.
we ranWe rented the house on a leaseWe seek good fortune, misfortu
We set off early for ...We shall not know (about) it uWe share a love of travel.
We should first identify the pWe should think carefully abouWe slept out of doors.
We talked for 2 hours straightWe took the scenic route from We used to live in the country
We usually deliver by mail.We wandered over hill and dalewe want
We were all anxious for more nWe were all so anxious about ywe were interested in
We were laid off.we were latewe were mistaken
We will follow in a couple of We will see that the necessaryWe won two nil against Italy.
We work to rule.We would be able to ...We would be honoured if you wo
we wrotewe-she wantedwe-the were angry
we-they are-were caughtwe-they askedwe-they got
we-they heldwe-they obtainedwe-they ought to
we-they remained silentwe-they sangwe-they sank
we-they satwe-they threwwe-they were absent
we-they were descended fromwe-they were good forwe-they were in a position to
we-they were qualifiedweweak
weakweak beerweak circulation
weak column sum criterionweak declensionweak in attack
weak in defenceweak leadershipweak point
weak pointweak pointsweak row sum criterion
weak spotweak willweak wills
weaklyweakly populatedweakly
weakness of characterweakness of memoryweaknesses
weaknesses of characterweaksightedweal
wealth of ideaswealth-creatingwealthier
wealthy (in)weanedweaned
weapon systemweapon systemsweapon systems officer
weapons of wholesale destructiwearwear and tear
wear indexwear markswear out test
wear out testswear platewear plate
wear platewear plateswear plates
wear plateswear protectionwear sensor
wear sensorswear-resistant housingwear-resistant housings
wearing awaywearing awaywearing comfort
wearing downwearing down
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