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he-she has-had whistledhe-she has-had wishedhe-she has-had withdrawn
he-she has-had woken (up)he-she has-had wonhe-she has-had worn
he-she has-had wovenhe-she has-had wrestledhe-she has-had written
he-she has-had written downhe-she has-had wrunghe-she has-had yearned
he-she has-has been therehe-she hasheshe-she hates
he-she have-had swunghe-she hearshe-she heats
he-she heatshe-she helpshe-she hides
he-she hikeshe-she hireshe-she hitchhikes
he-she hitshe-she hobbleshe-she hoes
he-she holdhe-she holdshe-she hoots
he-she hopeshe-she hopshe-she humidifies
he-she hurrieshe-she hurtshe-she hypnotizes
he-she imitateshe-she immigrateshe-she immolates
he-she incommodeshe-she incurshe-she induces
he-she inheritshe-she inquiredhe-she inquires
he-she intendshe-she interviewshe-she invents
he-she is able to go outhe-she is absenthe-she is afflicted with
he-she is angryhe-she is awayhe-she is confused
he-she is descended fromhe-she is drownedhe-she is eliminated
he-she is embarrassedhe-she is frightenedhe-she is in a position to
he-she is interested inhe-she is latehe-she is like
he-she is mistakenhe-she is patienthe-she is qualified
he-she is therehe-she is-was caughthe-she journeys on
he-she jumpshe-she keepshe-she keeps
he-she kickshe-she killshe-she kisses
he-she kneels downhe-she knelt downhe-she knows
he-she landshe-she layshe-she leads
he-she learnshe-she learnshe-she leaves out
he-she legitimizeshe-she lendshe-she lends
he-she lieshe-she liftshe-she limps
he-she listenshe-she liveshe-she loads
he-she locks uphe-she lookshe-she looks
he-she looks uphe-she looseshe-she loses weight
he-she loveshe-she lullabiedhe-she makes
he-she makes a diagnosishe-she maltreatshe-she marks
he-she mayhe-she meanshe-she measures
he-she meetshe-she memorizeshe-she memorizes
he-she mercerizeshe-she mesmerizeshe-she migrates
he-she milkshe-she misbehaveshe-she misconceives
he-she mislayshe-she mismanageshe-she misnames
he-she misunderstandshe-she mixes uphe-she moderates
he-she moistenshe-she moisturizeshe-she molests
he-she monitorshe-she moveshe-she moves up
he-she murmurshe-she museshe-she names
he-she needshe-she normalizeshe-she numbers
he-she obviateshe-she obviateshe-she occupied with
he-she occupies withhe-she offershe-she oils
he-she omitshe-she omitshe-she opens
he-she ordershe-she ordershe-she overcomes
he-she overdrawshe-she overmastershe-she oversells
he-she overstockshe-she oweshe-she owns
he-she paintshe-she paintshe-she parts
he-she perceiveshe-she perceiveshe-she permits
he-she picks uphe-she pickshe-she pinches
he-she planshe-she playshe-she pleads as an excuse
he-she ploughshe-she polisheshe-she possesses
he-she postulateshe-she pourshe-she praises
he-she precookshe-she preludeshe-she prepared himself-hersel
he-she prepares himself-herselhe-she prickshe-she proceeds
he-she promiseshe-she props uphe-she proves
he-she provideshe-she pullshe-she pulls together
he-she punisheshe-she pusheshe-she pushes off
he-she put onhe-she putshe-she puts under
he-she ransomshe-she ravageshe-she razes
he-she readshe-she reads tohe-she reaps
he-she receiveshe-she receiveshe-she recites
he-she reckonshe-she recognizes
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