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He was humiliated.He was kept in after school.He was only joking.
He was open-mouthed.He was sentenced to death on aHe was sentenced to life impri
He was stopped by police for sHe was struck by a car.He was suspended with immediat
He was taken in by him.He was the father of Swedish gHe was thunderstruck.
He was very off-hand.He was well-liked by his peersHe was wide-eyed.
He was, after all, the boss.He went (the) whole hog.He went away empty handed.
He went through enormous troubHe went through the roof.he who
He who does lend, loses his frHe who excuses, accuses himselHe who has an art, has everywh
He who laughs last, laughs louHe who sits in a glass house sHe who will reap must sow.
He who would learn to command He will listen to reason.He will live to rue it.
He won by a close vote.He won by cheating.He wondered what the word coul
He worked wonders.He works from morning to nightHe works to rule.
He would have liked to come alHe would stop at nothing to ..He wound up in a pub.
he writes as followsHe wrote a novel with a kick.he-he answers
he-she abnegateshe-she abolisheshe-she absorbs
he-she acceptshe-she accesseshe-she achieves
he-she acknowledgeshe-she acquireshe-she administers
he-she admitshe-she admonisheshe-she adopts
he-she adoreshe-she advertiseshe-she advises
he-she affirmshe-she agitateshe-she alleges
he-she allowshe-she amused himself-herselfhe-she amuses himelf-herself
he-she annotateshe-she annulshe-she applies
he-she applieshe-she appliqueshe-she appreciates
he-she approveshe-she argueshe-she argues
he-she arosehe-she aroseshe-she arraigns
he-she arrogateshe-she askshe-she attacks
he-she attractshe-she avoidshe-she avoids
he-she awakenshe-she baffleshe-she bakes
he-she banisheshe-she barters awayhe-she bashes
he-she batheshe-she beatshe-she became engaged
he-she becomeshe-she becomes engagedhe-she begins
he-she begshe-she behaveshe-she believes
he-she beltshe-she bemuseshe-she bends
he-she bendshe-she bespeakshe-she bestrides
he-she betrayshe-she betshe-she binds
he-she biteshe-she bites throughhe-she bivouacs
he-she bleedshe-she bleeds to deathhe-she blows
he-she boozeshe-she braidshe-she brandishes
he-she breaks offhe-she breedshe-she brings
he-she buildshe-she burieshe-she buys
he-she calculateshe-she callshe-she calls
he-she calmshe-she campshe-she camps
he-she caricatureshe-she carrieshe-she carves
he-she castshe-she catcheshe-she catches a cold
he-she celebrateshe-she certifieshe-she cheats
he-she chimeshe-she chooseshe-she chooses
he-she chopshe-she chuckshe-she cites
he-she climbshe-she climbshe-she closes
he-she closeshe-she coerceshe-she comes out
he-she commercializeshe-she compareshe-she compels
he-she confirmshe-she confrontshe-she confuses
he-she congratulateshe-she conjectureshe-she conjures
he-she connectshe-she considershe-she consolidates
he-she consultshe-she continueshe-she contributes
he-she convalesceshe-she cookshe-she copies
he-she counterfeitshe-she countshe-she cowers
he-she crawlshe-she createshe-she creeps
he-she crestshe-she crieshe-she crochets
he-she crosses throughhe-she cycleshe-she damages
he-she danceshe-she daredhe-she dared
he-she dareshe-she dareshe-she deactivates
he-she debateshe-she debateshe-she decalcifies
he-she decideshe-she deleteshe-she depilates
he-she derideshe-she describeshe-she developes
he-she diagnoseshe-she diceshe-she dies
he-she digshe-she dineshe-she disappears
he-she disavowshe-she discerns
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